It’s Easter Here

First of all M and I haven’t finished going through the challenge submissions. Something always comes up but we will! Hopefully tonight!! The same with the messiest room. I got to take a picture of my currently messy area.

My post for today is another scrap page. Did this while Jovie was working on some tummy and roll over time. She likes her tummy time better and she actually rolled over from back to tummy — then she’s stuck. We’ll keep working on it! For this page I used some Studio Calico stuff from 2008. It’s basically Sassafrass goodies that I trimmed out.

Easter 2009

Then a picture of the girls…

M and Jovie

I think Jovie’s thinking: Uhm, mom? Sister MIGHT mush me. Please come get me. Pleeeeease.

12 thoughts on “It’s Easter Here

  1. What a lovely page!! I tried to trimmed the Sassfrass paper once…and it’s so much and I gave up 🙂

    Oh my!! I love the pic of M and Jovie!! They are so adorable together! You just tickled my funnybone! lol ;p

  2. oh – my – goodness! your girls are unbelievably adorable! such a cuuuute picture! you certainly captured the moment! (and your layout is so fun — love sassafras!!)

  3. Love love love the layout.. Love the colors, and everything else..!!! And your girls look gorgeous in that pic.. You caught such a beautiful moment on camera.. Cute.. 🙂 God bless them..

  4. Love this layout…oh my, great idea to cut out the bits and pieces of the sassafras paper, how delightful! Love the colors and you used just the right amount of it in the corners so that the emphasis is still on the pretty photos!

    Love the sisters together, SWEET!

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