What Do You Do With Your Ex’s Engagement Photo?

You shred it into pieces and throw it in the trash – easy, right?

Well, if you’re new to my blog… or at least from April’09, you might want to read this first and if you want you can then read this. That way you won’t be so lost {::SMILE}.

But no, I didn’t trash the one that was sent to me. I made a scrapbook page. I was going to send it to them in October as an anniversary gift (they got married the same day as my birthday) but there was a new job offer in September in a different city and so I waited. You’re probably thinking they’re insane for getting married on that date. Actually she didn’t know until either after the wedding or very close to leaving for it and my ex did call after he found out about the date. I told him that the date’s not copyrighted. It wasn’t easy getting that date, they got married in Greece, and so not something I wanted to fuss about.

If you think the above is bizarre… a month before we found out that we were to be stationed in England my ex got his visa permit to live and work in the UK. Before their departure, last May, he got a job in Scotland but his new job offer is in London. So here’s my question… if you were divorced or separated and have no kids together what’s the chance of you two living 1.5 hrs away in another country? So now we have plans to meet up.

Have you watched Kungfu Panda? If you have remember what the wise turtle said? There is no accident. I have no idea how we’ll end up on the same island together but that’s what it’ll be. So don’t be surprised if I share pics of all of us hanging out next summer.

Here’s the page. I hope they like it. I had a hard time with the title… it’s not my page… but I think this fits them. The material for this page came from a kit that I won but I can’t remember what company.


Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!! Ours is nice… lazy and nice.

11 thoughts on “What Do You Do With Your Ex’s Engagement Photo?

  1. Hmm…dunno Savitri, you are bizarre, hehe. Not really, my first boyfriend – we will forever be aware of each other’s lives because there is like a 6 degrees of separation between us, just how it is. I think it’s great that u feel comfy making a LO for them, no harm in that, it’s great to be civilized and want to stay friends. I want to believe Master Oogway (tortoise) about their being no accident, but I like to think I make my own decisions, hehe, can’t leave someone else in charge of my life, hehe, thas just plain ol’ me 😀

    Clouds 😀

  2. I think that it’s great that ya’ll can remain friends, it’s way better than having an enemy! My husband was just preaching about that at church today, that it is harder to stay mad at someone, so why not just try to get along?! Beautiful layout too, I bet they will love it! 🙂

  3. I agree with Winter, it’s better to have a friend than to have an enemy, right? I said kudos to you for being mature about it. I don’t really have any real exes (thank God), so I don’t know how I’d feel about it. As long as you’re happy, and dh and fam are happy, then it’s gravy baby. 🙂

    Great LO btw! Those flowers are fabulous.

  4. I agree with winter and Sarah. I think it is kind of cool all of you have a great relationship. I have read before here o your blog you are good friends.
    That page is really pretty, I am pretty sure they will love it.

    Have a nice lazy day.
    God bless

  5. You are some fabbie whipper snapper of a girl…I knew that when I read the previous posts about you and the ex…it takes more energy to live with hate than with peace…that’s how I see it and altho I have yet to see Kung Fu Panda, I like that…There is no accident…I’m a true believer in “things happen for a reason”…you might not like the ‘delivery method’ but people come and go into your lives for a reason…

    I absolutely love the layout…it’s gorgeous…they’ll love it.

  6. I wouldn’t say it’s bizarre..it’s more like both of you are fated to be together…as friends though! Just like what Amy said “things happen for a reason’. It’s great to see both of you are still close friend…not many people that I know are in good terms with their ex.

    Now on to your layout….can I say I love it a lot!!! It’s just GORGEOUS!! Really gorgeous! I’m sure they will cherish it forever!

  7. Yes, I remember reading that story about you and your ex! Indeed so intriguing and it’s good that you still have that friendship, it’s important for the children to see that. Wonderful layout!

  8. What a gorgeous layout!!! I love this. Thanks for all the sharing. It just warms the heart and make you think about our loves and growth journey in life.

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