Embellish Owl + Colors


NOTE: You still have time to play with M’s sketch AND to participate in the messiest room/desk contest. Come on, do the last at least, it’ll be fun and I have an awesome prize for it!

Isn’t that owl on the card cute? Got his from Embellish Magazine. There’s a color + owl challenge there and I just had to play. See the flowers hubby got me? Love how the sun hits it. Do you see my little owl feltie that I made a couple years ago? I’m going to be felting again here soon. Got to make some presents for this Christmas. That’s my goal at least, as always, we’ll see.

I also want to share some photos of M before school this a.m. Check out her drawing. Aren’t they great? She freehand them… they were pictures from a book. Oh, like our radio? It’s from 1958 and because it has a mono plug-in our mp3 players works on it. Awesome, huh? M’s clothes… I should have taken a whole body picture. I love her style. The hat and denim skirt came from the consignment store.

M's Drawing of a dog

M's Drawing of a Cat

Alrighty, have a great one!

25 thoughts on “Embellish Owl + Colors

  1. you made that owl right??? i love it!!! its a perfect owl. love how you photographed this card. love this card!!

    oh and Ms Em is already so stylish….i cant wait to see her when you guys move to London. The clothes there are way ahead of us over here.

  2. Your owl card is so pretty!! And, you have one talented little artist on your hands. I could participate in the messiest room contest (mine would probably win hands down….LOL), but I would be way to embarrassed with how bad it is. I am surprised that I can even move around in there at all…… 😉

  3. oh yum!! i love this card!! great job with the challenge!! i’m hoping to get to play with m’s challenge…dang, can’t time slow down!!!? beautiful job!!

  4. Love that card! The owl is oh-so-cute! 🙂 I’m partial to owls, chandies, kraft…well, lots more, I suppose 😛

    M has a good eye for fashion 🙂 Love it!

  5. WOW! This is a pretty card and those flowers….! Those are some of my favorites, I love the colors!
    Go M GO! Those pictures are beautiful! You draw way better than me! And I love your style! 🙂

  6. Wow! Where to start! I love your card, it’s way cute! And I agree, M’s style is totally awesome! I can’t wait to see how she grows up and what she becomes, she’s such a special one! Her drawings are great! And, last but not least, I want that radio!!!

  7. Too cute! Glad you used my digi-owl! Did I even do it right?! LOL Your photo is great. Then there’s M’s artwork…amazing! That girl has some talent! Thanks so much for playing in the Embellish Magazine challenge!

  8. Congratulations on your win, Savitri. Your card is fabulous and I love how you stage the photo. And your girl is adorable. She looks like she could be related to my girls (who are half-Filipinos).

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