Freebie: You Did It

I have no personal projects aka a card/scrapbook page but I have a little handwritten set to share. I created this set last week for a friend. There were a few in that set but I thought I’d share a few of it here today. I also want to share this website of handwritten fonts that I found last week. Really fun stuff and I think you all should check it out!!

Here’s my handwriting: You did it <– the zip file with the below in separate .png files! If you just want the .jpg file, just right click the image below and save it to your computer.

You Did It

The fun font site… check these out from Kevin and Amanda:

Pea Eric

Pea Dawn's Doodles

Aren’t they FUN? I don’t have a software (and it’s not worth the money for me to buy it either) to make my handwriting a font but maybe when I get motivated I might ask them to do that for me (the site owner said she’ll do it for free) so that I can use my handwriting on e-forms and share with you too. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Just a little tip, if you look on the right hand column after you get into the font section you’ll see a little button that says “download all.” Very cool since Savitri doesn’t have time to go through them all. Here’s the silly part… I downloaded the fonts but I have no idea which computer I downloaded to and obviously I haven’t installed it. So, is anybody I know handwriting going to be posted there?

Have a great one!!

3 thoughts on “Freebie: You Did It

  1. hey there!! cute handwriting!!!!

    i had my friend turn mine into a font. i love it. i hate my writing but i love it as a font. anyway i paid a little extra but not much. this way so it doesnt get sold or put on anybody’s site just for anyone to use. if you dont mind sharing your writing then kevin and amanda is perfect. otherwise try my friend. she is a DT for designer digitals.

  2. I haven’t tried this one myself, but I found this site while I was doing some blog-hopping (sorry, can’t remember who it was that recommended it):

    It’s totally free, and all you need is a printer and scanner. It looks pretty cool – hopefully I can get around to trying it out soon. I’m not sure how the quality is, but I like that it’s free!

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