Our Homemade Halloween

First I want to share this comment:

” Wow!! Becca is so happy!! She bounced around the house saying I won, I won!! It was very funny and sweet at the same time.”

That was a comment from sketch #2’s winner — or her mom that is. That made M and my day! We hope you will let your kids play along with M’s sketch so that you can experience this too! M and I will be checking and commenting on submissions today. It’ll be a nice mommy and M time for sure — when Jovie naps again that is {::SMILE}. For all who’s played again THANK YOU! She loves your cards and she feels more and more confident about her craft (she said she now wants to be an artist when she grows up) and her writing skills. If only you know how much she’s improved since she started the challenge. It might not show (still hard to get her to remember “ou” “nk” and “ing” or example) but they are getting better every day.

Ok, second item… M’s homemade ghost costume. First she wanted to be a mummy but last minute (of course) she wanted to be a ghost. I had this old sheet and it could have gone either way and voila… M’s ghost costume. She LOVED it! I didn’t do any sewing, I just cut. But ya know, who said ghosts were well tailored suits? {::SMILES} The baggie. It use to have wine it it and I took the label off and M decorated it. Cost of our Halloween outfit this year: $0. How about Jovie? Well, that kid was asleep and so her and mom drove + park while M and dad walked. Jovie did though have a little bear outfit. It’s actually a little coat we got from old Navy that had little ears on them. It wasn’t a Halloween outfit but hey, yesterday it could have been a 2-in-1 deal.

Emma's Halloween Costume

Third… here’s a card I did yesterday. There’s some sewing on top of the ribbon too.


I used this kit by Quirky Twerp: Bona Fide paper from the DigiChick. Puuuurdy! I love colorful digital papers because they print so well on my Canon Pixma 860.

Bona Fide paper

Okie dokie, I hope you all have a great one! We’re just relaxing today and hope to get some house cleaning done too (before we mess up the house again — or at least the craft room).

11 thoughts on “Our Homemade Halloween

  1. What a cute ghost, hehe. Luv Homemade costumes are the best. I am really happy M is getting a kick out of her sketch challenges, the more creative the better, a great way for kids to think on their own. Her writing skills, gosh I dunn think she will have a problem. Awesome card, luv the paper!

    Clouds 😀

  2. M is such a cutie….at least she’s one cute ‘ghost’ to me 🙂 M is the most creative kid I’ve ever seen! Who would’ve thought that a 5 yeard olg girl would host her own sketch challenge! She’s very inspiring! A few more years, Jovie will surely join her!

    And your card is as cute as ever! I adore your style each day!

  3. Girl this is FANTASTIC! Not to make you feel old or anything… but you remind me of my momma when I was M’s age. We made my costumes, and they were always fab. 🙂 So glad you’re exposing M to these things… Syd and I will play this week. 🙂 And I think I need those papers. Mmhmm… I do. 🙂

  4. My friend doesn’t buy her kids’ Halloween Costumes, they’re required to use what’s around the house, old school…lol!!! I love M’s Costume and your card is darling! That little butterfly is JUST the right touch!

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