M’s Sketch 2 Winners

Hey gals, Jovie’s sick and so I don’t have a lot of hands right now. She just wants me to hold her and so here’s me typing with one hand. She has a fever, 101 is the highest, but still nursing.

Ok, here are M’s favorite… fresh from Adobe Lightroom (yeah, it’s a lovely screen capture):

M's Sketch 2 Favorite

Ange Kelley :: Ashley Newell :: Sarah Martina :: Quirky :: Marlene
Tenia :: Becca :: Paulina :: Amy Tsuruta :: Winter Sims

And the big winner is:

happy days 2U

Congrats, Amy!!! She loves the pink and the idea that you can put candies in there. That was exactly how M chose her favorite. Actually there was a tie between Amy’s, Sarah’s, and Ashley’s but the candies got her he he…

The little winner is:

becca's card

It’s Becca’s card! Now Becca did this card herself AND took the photograph! Isn’t she just too cute? Go check her out and congratulate her!!

Now, I know mama has no say in this but my favorite this week’s is Maile’s. So so cute!!!!

Maile's Card

Congrats ladies and to Becca’s mommy, please email me your addy so that I can mail Becca her prize!!! Amy, your prize will be emailed to you!

Tomorrow M has a new sketch and awesome prizes to win!!!

9 thoughts on “M’s Sketch 2 Winners

  1. Oh,Thank you M! I’m so glad you liked my card! I think it was the sketch that made it pretty! 🙂
    I hope Jovie is feeling better soon, I’ll be praying for her! 🙂

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