Tut: Pencil/Brush Tool to Create Dotted Lines

Ok, this is the last of this series. To watch the previous two, just go up to the Digi Tut menu option and check them all out there.


This is just a short little post.  I am behind in lots of stuff, including blog hoping — even my PTI blog hop I’m still in process of cause I keep getting interrupted by the Jove. She’s been all about mom lately. No dad or M. Just mom. It’s flattering but goodness, I can’t even go pee without her screaming her head off… if she’s awake that is. I guess I can take her with me to the bathroom but that just seems wrong ya know. She use to be content to just swing while I cook or whatever but not lately. She has been though eating. She started that last weekend. She finally got rid of her tongue thrust and actually wants to eat. Babies, they’re so smart. It’s amazing. They tell you when it’s time.

2 thoughts on “Tut: Pencil/Brush Tool to Create Dotted Lines

  1. Thanks, Vit! Now, I’ve learned one more thing! 🙂 Oh Layers…how I love them, but hated them at first because they are time consuming to start a new one! Mac told me I’d ‘get it’ one day why that extra step was so important and the no layering days are finally over! Love this journaling tag and dotted lines feature! Makes for cute butterfly lines too!

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