M’s Sketch Challenge #2 + Inspiration

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Hey, it’s M’s sketch again. I was going to wait a bit, give everybody a break, but M couldn’t wait (kids have lots of patience, huh? HA!!). Before we get started, I want to share this…

When I was going through the submissions and comments I realize that M’s challenges can be a great way for moms, sisters, neighbors, grandparents, etc. to spend quality time with the young ones. I know that there are many little Ms out there and I’ve seen them enter their work in different challenges but I haven’t seen a challenge where these budding artists’ work are being recognized (there might be one but I just don’t know it — I know 2S4U did one for the kids when I DT’d there but it was a one time deal). Now, even though our challenges will be random — whenever M feels like it — when we do host one I’d like to be a place for big and little crafters to participate in. Prize wise… there will definitely be something for the little crafter whose card wins M’s heart that week (at least while Savitri has a job). Who knows what each week but they’ll all be fun little thank you gifts from us.

SO, with that in mind. Welcome to M’s 2nd challenge. There will be TWO winners, one little crafter and one big crafter, this week. We also have TWO awesome prizes to giveaway! Check out the sketch and details below!

This week’s challenge is to create a card/scrapbook/other project using the sketch below that M’s holding. Before you get to creating, stop, look around, and think. Think about your life and what is inspiring you right now? Is it your husband singing in the shower? The kids playing in the background? Your dog’s loud snores? The beuatiful autumn colors? The color of your socks? When you post your creation on your blog/photo gallery, share with us what inspired you to create that card – either with words or with a photo.

Emma's Sketch #2

Here’s M’s little card. She flipped her own sketch and was inspired by the gorgeous fall colors around us. Of course she has to have pink {::SMILES}.

M's card for challenge #2

Here’s my card ((created using My Mind’s Eyes cut-outs, my own handwriting for the sentiment, and PTI paper, twine, and ribbon)) and it’s inspired by the girls’ shirt and Jovie’s little hat which you can see next. The girls always inspire me and I find that I many of my favorite work are pages of them or projects made for them. I did think this sketch was hard but somehow I managed the below.

Savitri's card for M's sketch #2

This was Jovie this weekend. Her hat I got from Sparkleberry Craft and her shirt (M has a ‘big sis’ one too) was a gift from my colleague, also an Etsy find Olive and Ollie.


Here’s the prize for one little crafter, Flairs from American Craft:

Sketch #2 Gift

For the big crafter, a gift card for Julie Billingsley’s store at Sweet Shoppe Designs (one sample kit is below, there are TONS more in her gorgeous store!!):

Julie Billingsley's Digital Kit

Happy crafting you all creative people and M and I CANNOT wait to see what you come up with!!! Oh, even though we’d be happy if just one person plays along we’ve added a Mr. Linky so that it’ll be easier for the little ones to post and click on to see other people’s work.

Due date: October 26 by 11:59 CST.

22 thoughts on “M’s Sketch Challenge #2 + Inspiration

  1. ahhh…..soooo much stinkin’ FUN!!!! Thanks for picking my card up for the top 8 on challenge #1 🙂 I’m thrilled!!! Can’t wait to start on #2….keep up the fabbie work ‘m’!!!!

  2. oh im excited i will make one tomorrow while i still have my 12 sierra with me. we will both make a submission. this time it wont be on filipino time have! or wait is your deadline on the 27 but you really wrote down 26 for me?? haha!! great sketch M!!!

    “S” love your “merry” handwriting!!!

  3. Great sketch! Love the ribbon on M’s and your is beautiful too! You should submit that one to the CARDS blog challenge going on right now! Can’t wait to play and I will have to get Autumn to make a card too! 🙂

  4. Thanks for picking my card as one of the top 8, M! 😀

    I’m so going to take part in sketch #2 as well 🙂 I love the sketch!!

    Savitri, love your card! It’s really pretty and I love the soft colours 🙂 Jovie is getting prettier and prettier, just like M! 🙂

  5. So… How could I forget to mention how much I LOVE your card Savitri???

    You’re SELLIN’ that ribbon, girl! I think I need to add that to my cart… til next time. 🙂

    And you used MME! One of my fave paper companies! It’s just a perfect card all around… handwriting and all! 🙂

  6. It think it’s great that M is participating so much and that you’ve found a nice mother-daughter-activity, a common passion 🙂 Can’t wait to see what everyone is doing with the sketch! Ms handwriting is getting pretty good, I’m impressed! Love your card, Savitri, super cute and good handwriting, too (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, huh ;))! Best wishes from Germany
    Nina & Buck (woof!)

  7. Great sketch! But I won’t be playing this time round…too bad 🙁
    Can you help me to say thanks to M for picking my card? I’m glad she likes it 🙂

    Wow..your card is AWESOME, Savitri!! I love the colorful paper on white! So outstanding! And M’s card is darling too!! Ohh…I just love you gals!!

  8. Thanks, M for another great sketch! I had lots of fun making a card using it. I love how you reversed the sketch on your card. The colors you used are great!

    Vit-your holiday card is so cute! I love the colors and is that another handwriting I see there that I can use?! 🙂 Watched your Word tut today and it is great! I use Pages now since we got the Mac, but I used to LOVE navigating Word. It was my Photoshop before learning it. Now I realize how limiting it is, but it does good when that’s all you have.

    The photo of Jovie is so sweet. I love her outfit!

  9. Hi Savitri,
    I read this post with my daughter today and she got so excited, she wanted to make a card “in that very minute” (her favorite sentence now).
    My daughter loves to create with mama.
    Thanks “M” for the great sketch, I will post my card tomorrow!!

    God bless
    Giovana & Rebecca

  10. Fabulous creations big and small!!!
    Hopefully `Mason and I can join in with your Challenge together,He is staying at Granny`s(Mine) tommorrow Evening so I feel a little crafting might be in oreder there!!!!
    Thanks for sharing where the hat is from I love it!!!!
    Have a lovely Friday:)x

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