M’s 1st Sketch Challenge Winner…

Woaah, talk about awesome audience participation!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! M was so happy and surprised that you all tried her challenge. You have no idea how happy my kid was each time I told her there’s a new entry. She’d want to comment ASAP but I had to tell her that she has to finish something or another before she did. She still has a few to comment… some later entries… she’ll get there… actually we all got busy today but will do Monday!!

Ok, so to the winners…. First, these were her final 8. She really had a hard time choosing, she asked me which my favorites were, I told her but she already had her heart set on her two choices.

Final 8

So…. the two winners are…

Hailey!!!! Yeah, congrats, sweet sweet Hailey! Check out the card her and her mom Tina made (and also the mess, ha!).

Hailey's Card

Then the second winner is Cindy! The toaster got her. M couldn’t get over how cute it is!!! Cindy you won the digital kit from Julie Billingsly! Congrats!!

Cindy's Card

Now, if you ladies have a little bit of time, check out these cards by Sofi (M’s penpal!) and Courtney and give them some love (Sofi’s card is on a blog and you can comment. Courtney’s is on a photo Mac server so you can only view it). They’re SUPER cute!!!

Hailey (or Tina), please email me your address when you return from your Paris trip (JEALOUS btw!) and Courtney (or her mommy) can you please email us your address so that M can send Courtney a little something for participating in her very first challenge? We’d really appreciate it! Sofi, we already have your addresss {::SMILES}.

Sofi's Card

Sofi’s card

Courtney's Card

Courtney’s card

Ok, have a great one! Sorry this post is a tad long. This week M and I will be practicing the words “nk” so that she’ll be able to spell thank and pink properly {::SMILES}.