Freebie: Happy

First of all, this note’s for Amy: You happy now? You kept nagging me about this {::SMILES}.

Second, this is a hybrid card with paper my Fee Jardine, Fly Little Birdie, at Sweet Shoppe Designs. I used some left over strips from this mini book that I’ve been working on (it’ll never get done it seems!). I did some sewing too and the sentiment is my handwriting. At least the “happy” part. The best part of this whole post… I am SHARING my handwriting with you!! See, Amy, I am doing something with my handwriting {::GRIN}. I can’t sell it… who’d buy it… but it’s a nice first try. It was fun doing it and I hope you all like it — especially Amy {::SMILES}.

Happy Birthday Hybrid

I did the sentiment arranging in Microsoft Word. If you haven’t seen it, in my card/hybrid tutorial link above there’s a video on how to do this. If you noticed, my original file is a red “happy” but my printed one is black. Even though I did print it on a b/w printer in Word I changed the color to black. Word is capable of changing colors. If you have a digital stamp (btw, MFT has a free digi stamp this weekend), you can easily change the outline color to something else besides black. Try it out and if you can’t figure it out, let me know and I’ll make a video for you. The Mac version has this change color feature too!

So below is the file, just right click and save as. Below this image is the Word document where I placed the “happy birthday” on my paper. The “birthday” was typed in a textbox, this way I can easily float/layer it wherever I want. The “happy” I sent to the back. My video will clarify this. If you’re wondering why I’m only providing “happy?” It’s because the other part you can type yourself. When I did this in Word I just did an insert image, move “happy” where I want and then created the textbok so that I could write birthday on it. BUT, for you, instead of birthday it can be anniversary, new year, etc. etc. etc. You can also type the “birthday” for example seperately and then trim it to size and adhere it with dimensionals on top of the “y” tail. Lots of options!


Word (.DOC) Template

Well, have a great weekend!!! I have a few more handwriting stuff that I saved but I haven’t made any cards with them yet. So until then, they’ll just be on my computer… I also worked on two items for the die-cut machine but they’re still being tweaked. I’ll share soon!

Oh, let me know how my little “happy” prints out. It’s my first and I made it fairly quickly in Adobe Illustrator. I always assume if it works for me it’ll work for you too he he… A little tip… since it’s a digital image, you can resize it. I always resize my digital image in Word or in Photoshop where the paper size is 8.5×11 and I put a divider in the middle so that I can see how big my digital image is going to be compare to the paper. Also, when you print, unless your printer can do a bleed print (prints all the way to the edges), make sure you leave about a quarter inch from each side to prevent the image to be prematurely cut. I always suggest printing first on regular paper, fold it like how you would your card and see how you like it. Then print on the real deal once you’re happy with the output! Have fun and if you use the above happy I’d love to see your work!

14 thoughts on “Freebie: Happy

  1. woot woot wootie WOOT!!!!!! You listened to me…little ole me!!!! I love it!!!!!!

    Your card is sassy fun…love the patterned paper…it simply pops off of the kraft….

    Do you hear it….shhh…if you’re really quiet you’ll hear it…the wheels are turning in my head…you’ll be seeing your wonderful handwriting on one of my cards very, very soon….

    You rock sista!!!!

  2. no way this is your handwriting. why is it that everybody else’s handwriting is awesome. it seems like i totally missed all of my penmanship classes. i love your handwriting! thank you so much for this!!!

    more more more!!! make more! open up a digi shop…have your own line!! oh i will use them all!!!

  3. your handwriting is lovely, dearie! And you’re so nice to share it with us… super!!! 🙂
    Have to thank Amy for naggging you on this huh?

    I hope to attempt to use it soon. I’ve never done hybrid before!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing the great ‘happy’ …. your handwriting is something else!!
    Sorry to be such a dunderhead but how do I change the colour?? No problem changing ‘birthday’ just can’t fathom out the colour change!!!!

  5. Savitri, love your work and have been following your blog and your family is gorgeous. I have copied your “You did It” and “happy”. Thanks so much. Your handwriting is fabulous! Happy weekend. hugs

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