Tut: Adding Dots – Shape + Brush Tool


Now folks, keep in mind that in Photoshop (or any software) there are many ways to achieve a certain result. What I usually show in my tutorials are the easiest way for me (and I don’t know all the Photoshop tricks available — I wish though) and I hope it helps you a tad bit.

In this tutorial I used the Rounded Rectangle tool but really you can use ANY of the other shapes using this method. IF you already have the marching ants, maybe by using the magic wand tool for example, you can go straight to the path tool and apply the brush stroke to the marching ants and voila, dot dot dot (don’t forget to create a new layer first though in the layers tab or it won’t work).

So here’s a little tutorial that, if you understand the concept, can be applied to many other tools in Photoshop. You just have to experiment and not be afraid of the software. People, you’re NOT going to break anything {::SMILES}.

One thought on “Tut: Adding Dots – Shape + Brush Tool

  1. This is fab Savatiri…
    I have just found a new love of brushes!!!grr I havent got a clue what to do with them,..ha ha….
    I only know the mere basics!!!!I must have a go at thi TFS
    I bet ya I can do something wrong with them…lol…
    Have a great Evening:0x

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