Tut: Rounded Corners in Photoshop

Wow, it’s been awhile since I made a video tutorial, huh? Well, today I made three! I was suppose to just work half a day and then work out but uhm… I got lazy and so did the work half day but ended up sitting on my comfy chair and made three tuts. Here’s one… I still need to edit the two.


With this method you can use it to pretty up your background paper, make a small tag, or create a banner for your blog. Lots of stuff! I can’t remember if Gimp or Elements have something similar but you can always look.

6 thoughts on “Tut: Rounded Corners in Photoshop

  1. Omgosh your voice is so soothing… LOL. It’s relaxing me! Lol… Gimp has the same rectangle tool, and it allows you to round the rectangle’s corners to the radius you prefer. There is also a “Rounded Corners” script or function. Keep ’em coming! 😉

  2. On your last tutorial, I thought the same thing as Sarah, your voice is so soothing! 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial, I have been wondering how to do that! 🙂

  3. Savitri, instead of deleting after you have selected inverse…try creating a mask.. It’s the little square icon with the circle in the middle next to the fx icon. This will mask the area of the image you do not want to show, but retains the original image so it is not destroyed. You can always delete the mask if you make a mistake.

    Just a tip and please ignore if you already knew this. ;o) If not, explore masks some more, than can be EXTREMELY powerful…especially in photo editing.

  4. Hi
    I watched your video on dotted brushes and had no
    trouble seeing it. Went to review and only have a
    box with red x in it. Any ideas?

  5. Thanks so very much for getting the video going again.
    I love your videos and they are so easy to follow.
    Keep up the good work.

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