Is It Only Wednesday?

Wow! It’s been soooooo busy here!!!! The in-laws were here, which was nice, gave us some time to get away from the kids and also visit. M loooooves her grandma and it’s so neat to watch them interact. Then we had lots of house chores because this week’s full of people looking. Crossing fingers that somebody will buy the house soon!! I have a RE license and so I’m the selling agent for our own house. Anybody moving my way? Check it out!

Monday and Wednesday evenings are M time. She has gymnastics and Awana. I usually work out Tuesday evening but couldn’t yesterday because of the house. Hubby’s working 12hrs shifts too for a week and so it’s just me, myself, and I doing all the picking up and dropping off of the kids starting today. On top of that, I might have to look for another provider for Jovie. The lady asked if I can pick her up at 4… or 4:30p.m. at the latest. She said she starts her day at 4:30a.m. and Jovie… being a baby… needs more work. By 5p.m. the lady’s exhausted. I told her I work until 5 and so that’s just not possible. She said ok but I dunno, seems like there’s always something and it’s only been 1.5 month. It just sucks though cause we’re not planning on being here much longer. So far she hasn’t asked us to take Jovie somewhere else but I just feel like I need to find another place. Wouldn’t you? So, busy busy busy!!

Ok, nuff of that. Here’s a card that I made last night. I had to wind down after all the above:

Remember When

I used up all the digital stuff that I printed out last week. This is another of Angela Woo’s work from TDC: Sweet Celebration. Love the cupcakes!!! I am loving my huge corner punch too. I got the EK Success one and so far it works awesome. I thought of getting the big one, the same company who makes the Crop-A-Dile, but it was too spendy and who knows when I’ll punch through cardboard. I will prob. get it but maybe not until Christmas or something {::SMILES}.

Have a great one! I’m getting so random at posting, huh? Well, if you haven’t done so, go ahead and subscribe to my blog. This way you won’t be disappointed when you come visit and there’s nothing new.

9 thoughts on “Is It Only Wednesday?

  1. Very cute card Savitri! I am really like the cute cupcakes! love the white button too! So, it's just Wed for you, well for me it's like, it's already Wed? time is flying by in my neck of the woods, prolly because I have a busy busy schedule this semester!

    Clouds 😀

  2. So cute! I love the addition of the vintage music looking paper behind the greeting.

    i would be inclined to look for another daycare provider for jovi if I were you too. You want your baby be be wanted wherever they go. *hugs*

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