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My baby’s getting bigger and bigger!! Last night we had the parents as teachers instructor visit and I was so not happy when I had to put Jovie down for tummy time. I haven’t done a lot of it cause I’ve been selfish. I don’t want Jovie to grow up too fast. So we put her down and there was my kid, head pushed up, cooing, AND trying to scoot. NOOOO!!! M grew up way too fast. She walked at 10-mo-old and I want Jovie’s babyhood to last just a tad bit longer cause she’s our last baby… least until we have grandkids. Ahhh, is it just me?

Here’s a video of Jovie just laughing and talking to me. This is why I haven’t been crafting as much… between M and her, there’s always something interesting to do — oh, and sleep {::SMILES}.


And a card…

Hey Cupcake

Just some more hybrid stuff… I used more of the TDC hybrid goodies from the other day (Kelley Mickus and Angela Woo)… just leftovers {::SMILES}.

Have a great one. I hope the video gives you at least a little smile!

13 thoughts on “Hey Cupcake + Jovie Video

  1. Oh my goodness! Don't show me any more videos! I already want more and this just makes it worse! Lol! She's a talker! And her laugh is just so contagious! Beautiful, beautiful Baby Jovie…. *deep sigh…. I'm gonna show this video to my hubby and see if it works on him too! Lol! Thanks for sharing girl!____Of course, I LOVE your card! The ribbon, I want… badly. Lol… and the peeking smiley face just makes my day! Great stuff!____Good to hear from ya! 🙂

  2. Your card is `beautiful` Savatitiri I love that ribbon and that punch…
    WoW Baby Jovie is a `delight` bless…she is soon growing I can totaly relate to those storys with our Freya being the same age…TFS
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)x

  3. awwww, so I saw the video on FB, hehe, how cute, babies are adorable 😀 Jovie is sooo cute, and yes you are right, growing real fast. Amazing how their clothes don't fit anymore in such a short amount of time (my aunt with her two kids, I used to babysit). OK, the Card, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, I love your hybrid cards! This one is fab and I especially like the base card stock, I am trying so hard to incorporate more blues into my cards and can't seem to pull it off, but yours is an inspiration! Awesome!
    TFS your lovely video w/us!

    Clouds 😀

  4. My daughter happened to walk by my computer when I had Jovie's picture on my screen. Her immediate response was, "Wow! Cute baby!" It's unanimous!

  5. Jovie is SO ADORABLE!! She's responsive too….and I love seeing her laugh! Oh….baby is such a cute thing. You make me wanna have babies now….lol 🙂

    And your card is FABULOUS!! I love the ribbon! Is that Martha Stewart punch? I wanted to to buy last week but in the end I got myself a EK Success punch 🙂

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