A Little Note

A Little Note

I made a quickie card last night. There’s this imperfect cardstock and I thought it’ll fit this card design and stamp well. What do you think? It’s a clean and simple card which I think is the theme for Moxie Fab’s challenge. Ok, it’s not a holiday card and so I’m not going to add this card to Mr. Linky on their blog but it is clean and simple {::SMILES}.

Today I got a weird phone call from Jovie’s daycare. It made it sound like the lady doesn’t want to take care of Jovie anymore cause Jovie would fuss every so often and she’d disrupt the other kids. I mean she is a baby afterall, right? For the most part Jovie’s great but there have been short outburst here and there and when Jovie’s mad, she is MAD! But again that’s normal for a baby, right? So I’m not sure what I’m going to do if Jovie gets kicked out. I called around and the preferred places are full. Hard to find anything last minute! I hope when I pick her up what I thought the daycare lady said on the phone isn’t what I thought she meant. It was vague. She just went off on how she doesn’t know how long she can do this. Jovie likes to be held when she’s upset and she can’t hold her all the time (there are two providers there… it’s a small home daycare). Etc., etc., etc…

Alrighty, have a great one and I hope I will not be running around looking for a daycare provider in the next few days! I am fortunate to have a flexible hour job where I can even work from home but I can’t work when she’s awake and she’s been awake more too.

12 thoughts on “A Little Note

  1. Gorgeous clean & crisp card Savitri…what’s up with your daycare? sheesh, you go girl…we all know that Jovie is a perfect angel 🙂

  2. great card, savitri – i really do like the imperfect card…it goes along with the wild horses run free kinda theme.

    and i wouldn’t worry about your daycare – it’s one of those days (it’s raining cats and dogs here…the weather makes everyone a little loonier). good luck!

  3. Your card is gorgeous- I love the look of the cardstock and that ribbon is so beautiful!

    Good luck with the daycare—all babies I know want (or did want) to be held as much as possible—completely normal I’d say! Hope that your provider sees that too!

  4. I like the card a lot, just sweet and simple! the ‘imperfect’ card stock has a nice look to it, hehe. too bad your day care provider is being difficult, hopefully you won’t have to look for another one again!
    Clouds 😀

  5. I love this. The paper fits right in! And that ribbon… can’t beat a great ribbon!

    I’m so sorry to hear about your day w/Baby J’s daycare. 🙁 It doesn’t sound like that lady has the right attitude, unfortunately. I pray Baby J is surrounded by all of the right people to care for her, and to make her needs a priority, and shower her with lots of hugs & love! She deserves the best! Stay positive. 🙂


  6. Love your card… it’s perfection in imperfections 🙂

    I do hope the daycare lady was just frustrated momentarily and all will be well. Babies do fuss… I guess that’s pretty normal.

    Am crossing my fingers for you 🙂 Cheer up!

  7. Fabby card! I hope things work out for you with the daycare. My youngest when she was a baby was either really happy or really mad no in between! I know that a good daycare is hard to find so my fingers are crossed for you that the lady was just a bit frustrated and things will be better.

  8. Love this clean and crisp card! Love the horse stamp!

    The daycare lady should not call and tell you that she can’t take care of Jovie any longer just because she made a fuss. This is not the right attitude. All babies fuss and she should find a way to comfort her. Hopefully, you’ll find a suitable daycare provider soon 🙂

  9. weird…. that’s kind of like saying i work at a bank but i don’t know how much i can bother to touch the money!??! i hope it’s worked out for you. and i think the imperfect cardstock turned out perfect for this card! good one :O)

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