Two Day Project

That totally stressed me out!! It should have taken somebody 30 minutes to do this but it’s my 2nd time sewing and with no pattern to go by… I eyeballed everything. So here it it… M’s apron:

Kid Apron

Kid Apron

Kid Apron

It’s far from satisfactory. It’s far from straight. It’s far from perfect threading but she loves it and that’s all that matters. I got 2000 hugs and kisses this morning and it made this apron perfect!!

My first week at work. Everything went well. I even worked out Tue + Thurs! Spin class kicked my butt though, OUCH!!! M ended her first week well. Tues was boring, Wed a girl told M she didn’t want to be M’s friend anymore, Thurs M got slapped and Fri was fun. Hopefully it’ll stay fun!! Jovie did awesome at daycare. She’s still adjusting to the noise level but she’s getting better and loves her two providers. My craft life is suffering but hey can’t do them all, huh?

I did make a card after the apron.  think I was so stressed my card looked terrible. It still does. Hope to have time tomorrow to make something decent. Today we’re going out and about. Laters!!

17 thoughts on “Two Day Project

  1. I see you’re working on your “To Do” list. Looks good! I like how you try to continue the pattern. Notice the pink butterfly and the blue bird. M must have just woken up when you took this picture, because she doesn’t look very thrilled ;o)

  2. M should model for Crewcuts by JCrew, hehe, she’d be a good model 😀 This is so lovely Savitri, I would’ve never been able to pull off a cute apron just from scratch and now instructions, the fabric goes well too! Wow, so happy M loves it, you are so crafty! I’m loving it!

    Clouds 😀

  3. Savitri, I think the apron is beautiful and the colours are so vibrant! Absolutely pretty! And M is so cute… with the pouty model pose 😀

    You did a great job with it! 🙂

  4. good grief girlfriend…whatta week for you…back to work…m in school…j in daycare….working out {you go girl} and sewing….you’re my mentor…super cute apron!!!

  5. OMG – this is too cute! M is such a great model. You just don’t know how your apron (two-day project or not) as inspired me to start designing and learn how to sew again. I used to do it a lot in high school, but was defeated. I think I’ll try it again! Love the red trim you added too. You did an awesome job and there’s no wonder M’s so happy! You’re a great mommy!

  6. You did great! This is so stinkin’ cute!!! I hope your little M is WAY past the slapping and mean kids. Brats! My kids got bullied MERCILESSLY when they started school here. The worst day was when I saw a kid purposely trip Hailey. I didn’t know how to say anything in Arabic yet but if looks could kill that kid would be LONG gone. I went home and wept like a baby.

  7. Oh, how cute! You did a great job! I love that first picture, she looks so cute with her apron and her liitle converse on! Looks like something out of a magazine! I hope school gets better! 🙂

  8. Hi! I found you via City Sage….and then this was on your linked within widget….and HOW CUTE IS THIS KID OF YOURS???? August 22 (the day of the post ) happens to be my b-day so I thought this was kizmet or something. I have a children’s style blog called Modern Kiddo and we do a weekly feature where we spotlight a cute lil guy or girl looking their spunky/stylish best. Your girl is adorable….we’d love it if you would consider submitting her! Swing on by if you have time.

    Very fun blog you have! And that apron is ADORABLE.
    : )

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