First Day At Work


Me likey my first hour at work. Just a quickie post and a card that I made yesterday (based on a book call that Tiff posted on her blog – no sentiment. I thought of submitting but I think I’m ok without. If you want to try out, give it a shot!!!).The girls were happy too this morning when I dropped them off. Jovie was cooing and smiling in the arms of her daycare lady and M had no complaints although her first day at school was BORING. Oh no, I might have issues with this child!!! Her teacher said she did well but M did not like school. We had a talk. She said she’ll try but so far, day one, not so hot.

One thing I did notice when I got on my blog was how red the pics I posted yesterday are – the skin colors aren’t natural. My Mac’s been broken the last few months and so I’ve been editing on a laptop which a lot of photographers would say: NOOOO. That’s why my photos have been inconsistent (too bright, dark, red, etc). I can’t see really well on the dang laptop and it’s not calibrated. At work I have an uber nice 30″ Mac matte LCD (which I prefer over glossy for editing photos. Glossy makes the photos look higher contrast than they are. Matte seems more as is). Oh well! Hopefully I’ll get my Mac this next week. They think it’s the power supply but if it’s the logic board then I’ll have to get a new computer (which I wouldn’t mind but I’ve been saving my money for a nice lens — so bye bye lens if I have to get a new ‘puter).

Have a great one! More later… from home {::SMILES}.

Cardstock: Stampin’ Up!
Pattern paper, buttons, stamp, ribbon, ink: Papertry Ink

7 thoughts on “First Day At Work

  1. OOOOh! You know I have a thing for those little birdies! LOVE this and the color combo is HOT! Your inking and zig zag design are perfect elements.

    Now I’m wondering if our 24″ is matte or glossy…probably glossy!

  2. what a sweet card Savitri, The colors are bold and bright :o) I really like those PTI birdies, they are real cute! Too bad M doesn’t like school, hehe, she’ll get used to it I’m sure. i totally submitted a card for the call, you know, sometimes I have a difficult time adding a sentiment to the card so this one was just up my alley, hehe. Hopefully you’ll get yer Mac back soon, I dunno what I’d do w/out my Macbook. But then again, Scott has a Mac tower so, I guess I’d still have one to work with 😀

    Clouds 😀

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