Thank You Gifts

Thank You Chocolate Gift

Well, I had really high hopes that I’d be able to do more than this but nope… just couldn’t get the motivation or time to make five more elaborate  teachers’ gifts. Today’s M’s last full-time day at her preschool/daycare. Next week, for two weeks, she’ll be in kindergarten summer class. She CANNOT wait!!! After that we’ll be kickin’ in at home. We have some activities and trips planned but we’ll see how much we’d be able to do with baby. Hopefully we’d have a good daytime schedule (and health) going within a few weeks… just like I had with M. If not, then plan B {::SMILES}.

So here’s M’s little thank you present for her teacher: chocolates. She picked the papers, ribbon, buttons, and flowers and punched the butterflies. She’s got good taste, huh? The paper and stamp’s from Stampin’ Up!, flower is American Craft, and the ribbon’s from the local antique store (another 20 yards for cheap AND vintage). I used my Scor-It to help wrap the paper nicely around the chocolates. I think you can kind of see the scor line there.

Alright, today’s my last day at work. I’ll be on maternity leave ALL summer long. I’m looking forward to a few days of relaxing before baby shows up. I’m kind of freaking out too… my mid-wife said that if I don’t start anything they’ll strip my membranes next Thursday (my due date!!!). Eek!!! I hope that doesn’t happen. Sounds pretty rough (and not 100% effective) from what they described and reading it online. Laters!!!

15 thoughts on “Thank You Gifts

  1. Beautiful gifts — I’m sure the teachers will love them.

    And the membrane thing… been there, done that but didn’t know the Dr was going to do it so that added to the fun… all in a day’s work (or two?) for a healthy baby, though, right?

  2. wow, very good taste indeed! Very sweet and neat idea as thank you gifts! Very beautiful by the way, I’m sure they’ll like it!

    Clouds 😀

  3. These are awesome! M’s teachers are going to love them, and really appreciate the thought and effort behind them.

    Hope your new bundle of joy arrives soon, safe and sound.


  4. Hi Savitri, tell M she has fabulous taste – these chocolate bars look sooooo yummy-licious :)!!!

    Oh – I can’t wait till your baby is here…..hope you are looking into more natural ways to stimulate the birth of your baby *wink*….stripping your membranes sounds so rough!!! I can think of more *happier* ideas – plus you hubby would like it too – LOL!!!

    Have a great weekend!!! Hang in there it’s all worth it at the end!!! Hugs ~S~

  5. Gorgeous gifts Savitri! Hang in there, I had to have the same procedure done to encourage the labor & delivery process. The great thing is that you have a wonderful family there to support your and be with you throughout it all. And the end result is all worth it (as you know!).

    Have a peaceful night!

  6. hi savitri, thank you for the e-mail I felt so proud (well, i don’t know if that was the right word, but I am too lazy to open my dictionary or some tranlator hihihi) hihihihihi… and you’re right, M had a really good taste, i love those colors ÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ

  7. Wow…these are fantastic. Such an awesome color combination. I’m jealous of your summer vacation, but wouldn’t want to do it the way you are. LOL
    Best of luck with your delivery. 🙂

  8. Congratulations on the baby. Maybe while you’re off this summer you could do an off-topic blog with the lettuce wrap recipe you mentioned on Lisa Spangler’s blog. Sounds yummy!!

  9. hey you, trying to get caught up on my google reader…excellent job on the chocolate bars…fab giftie 🙂 Hope that you’re doing okay sista…

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