Monday 2S4Y

Owlie Birthday

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Ours was super nice and relaxing. I got a lot of cleaning done and we dug some baby stuff out and laundering/cleaning them a little bit here and there. We got the crib out too. Still in pieces but we have all the parts. We also had lots of laughs and danced with Sinatra. We just love listening to his collection while we work and every so often we’d dance to a song or two. We’re no ballroom dancers and so that’s where the giggles come in. Plus it doesn’t help when you have a 5-yr-old directing.

Here’s a card using Laura’s sketch, #24, using goodies from Wicked Princess. I’ve also added some of my own Martha Stewart ribbon, G Studio owl stamp, and a tag by Matahati Design. Love the Pink Paislee Pixies. So not like sparkles. They shimmer (see my flower) but the sparkles didn’t stick everywhere. Cleaning was a breeze. The hubby likes it better (he couldn’t see a trail of me all over the house… wherever Savitri went a sparkle trail was found).

Oh, I got a couple emails on how I did the hybrid stuff. I’ll have a video tutorial of that coming soon. It’s really easy and no, you do not need Photoshop!

Have a great Monday everybody!

9 thoughts on “Monday 2S4Y

  1. Oh its an owl….love owls…i have that same stamp…i think its time that i use it. Hey thanks BTW for the technique about the bubble wrap..if i only new then i wouldnt have spend $10 or $15 for that stamp. Hahah!!! I just love how you make BIG bows!!! i will have to lift that!!!

    Take care Savitri…love your name!

  2. This is adorable — I love owls and this stamp is a cute one.
    Beautiful color scheme. What lovely cards you make 🙂

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