Happy weekend! It’s raining here and we’ve all been lazy. What’s better than cuddling and sharing some love + giggles in bed on a rainy Saturday morning? Of course M was in the middle… her favorite spot {::SMILES}.

Here’s another hybrid card, again my Matahati (Girly Girl – Scrap Orchard), PTI “mother” stamp, and the flower by me. My mom taught me how to make this one when she was here. This is the first I’ve made (I only watched her do it) and I thought it’d be appropriate if I gave my first creation to her for mother’s day. Mother’s day isn’t celebrated in Indonesia (where she’s at) but hey, why not, right? You can use any type of ribbon but the wired ones are best I think unless you make a smaller flower. The wire really help the shape — very easy to fluff the flower up.

Alrighty, I’m off to make a huge brunch: homemade pancakes, grass fed pork sausage, farm fresh eggs, and grits. My pancakes are getting better. I’ve been practicing this last year so that one day I can have a bed & breakfast he he…

11 thoughts on “Mother

  1. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I definitely will be back next time, I really enjoyed playing!

    I think you mother card is great. I like the combination of blue and yellow!

    – Nadine –

  2. bery cute and very colourful! I love the flower! that’s pretty cool, that yer mom taught you some crafts! good luck with the pancakes!

    Clouds :o)

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