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I’m just sitting here enjoying (slurping to be more exact) my lunch. I’ve been having these weird, weekly, cravings of chocolate shakes. I had a big brunch and the way my stomach is nowadays I can’t eat much anyhow. So my lunch is Wendy’s chocolate shake and a gigantic ice tea — prob. too big for me. I forgot that “big” in the fast food world is not 20 oz. Hubby said Wendy’s has the best shake in town (we live in a small college/military town so not a lot of choices) and he said it’s at least made out of real ice cream. Really? We’re healthy eaters and being pregnant I know I should keep to my usual diet but man, these Sonic burger and chocolate shake cravings have made me close my eyes and just swallow.

I’ve never had strawberry shortcake before and last month or so I was at WalMart and I was like the Road Runner who stopped, backed up, gawked at the strawberry shortcake and without hesitation dropped the container in my cart. When I got home I ate two of them before dinner. Yes, TWO! They were the yummiest darn thing even though the ingredients had a lot of words that I was (still not) familiar with. But really, I thought the cakes were a tiny piece of heaven! Momma and baby were delighted!!!

Any whoot… here’s a pom-poms elephant project that M and I did. We got the kit at Jo-Anns and they were just a few bucks on clearance. M wanted to make this for her good friend at school. Of course I had to put it together since it required the glue gun. Such a cute and super easy project (you only need to know how to count, not color challenged, stack, and use the glue gun — besides the glue most everything else you’ve learned in kindergarden, ha!). We have a few more animals that we can make from the package. M has a few more friends she wants to give gifties to.

I hope you’re doing well this Wednesday day. We started our outside garden yesterday. We believe/hope that there will be no rain for the next few days so that our tilled area can sit until it’s turned over and fertilize this week. It’s our second year doing this. Any tips? The first year only half did well… we had A LOT of rain… and hope this year we’d get at least 3/4 of our veggies from our garden.

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  1. cutie pie project!!! Gotta totally love those pregnancy cravings…with my daughter they were super size fries and egg mcmuffins…I was HUGE…as tall as I was wide kind of huge by the end…with my son it was soft serve cones and starbucks banana choc chip muffins…mmmm….

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