My Turkey Butt

Life is Sweet

That’s what M said last month or so. It came from this: I call her little butt “chicken butt”. I don’t know if there is such a term but it came from chicken legs in my little head. When I ask her to do something I’d say something like, “get your chicken butt up stairs.” So one morning while I was getting dressed… to be more exact I was putting my pants on and my bum was facing the door… Emma came in my closet and she said, “Mommy, you have a turkey butt. Your butt got big!” AHHHHHHHHH!!!! If not her daddy it’s my (oh so honest) little girl who makes “sweet” remarks. So from that day on, every so often, the turkey butt comment would surface — and even the neighbors know that I have a turkey butt (husbands and kids aren’t shy about announcing these types of things, huh?). The last time hubby used it was when he asked me to sit on his back and give him a little cracking (his chiropractor loves him… he helps pay for her mocha every week) a few weeks ago. He laid down on the floor and said, “Can you get your turkey ass down here and push my back?” GRRR (imagine a cartoon character… Donald Duck or something… beet red, twisted face, and horns coming out of his head)!!!! So I sweetly agreed and I plopped my turkey butt down on his back. I literally took his breath away ha ha ha ha… I did this for a good minute, moving up his back, until he got his lungs functioning again and he told me to get off. I think if I wasn’t pregnant he’d box me but hey, if I wasn’t pregnant I would have the privilege to be called turkey butt, huh?

Ok, here’s a card that I created using Laura’s sketch #23 at 2Sketches4You and Kristina’s colors #48: chocolate chip, kiwi, baja, and white. The chipboards are by K&Co, the ribbon is Making Memories (awesome find at the $1.99 — 6 yrds total — bin at Archivers), and the stamps are Stampin’ Up!

23 thoughts on “My Turkey Butt

  1. LOL…oh my god, I’m laughing so hard….you have just the best writing with your posts…hilarious!! Thanks for the much needed humor! Oh – I saw the prego pic too…very cute! Awwww….looking forward to seeing your progress for the remainder of the pregnancy!

  2. I am loving this card – the ribbon rocks!!!!

    Turkey butt! Whatevs, I was feeling all envious about how great you look pregnant – I was seriously blue whale size when I was as far along as you! Crack up tho, good on ya for showing some restraint and only sitting on hubs lol!

    1. I still need him to finish up the basement and ya know, spring & summer is coming, so a lot of yard work to do too. I can’t break him…. YET :p

      Chloe, you’re too adorable. I can’t picture you whale-ish. But if you were, your little girl was well worth it!!!

  3. oh my “turkey butt”, i don’t know if i could live with a nickname like that, ha! I like your sense of humor :o) The card looks great! I love those dragon flies! life is indeed sweet ;o)

    Clouds :o)

  4. Turkey butt. .it’s sorta cute. My butt has been called worse things! LOL!! At least you have a good excuse!! Your card is adorable. I love that pretty ribbon going across your card and the scrappy look to your card. Very pretty, Savitri!!


  5. OK, you can’t deceive anybody here! I SAW your photos below! You’re darn skinny and revoltingly cute-pregnant looking while by 31 weeks I looked like a sweaty beached whale…

    Anyways, I seriously wanna touch your card, it’s just sooo gorgeous, one of my favorites so far, love the luxurious colours and textures!

  6. You are too funny! When I was pregnant w. my first my mom told me my butt was as big as a caboose. 😛 There is lots of love & laughter in your home to be sure!

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