Tut: Scor-It + Bunny Ears Ribbon Tieing

2s4y Scor-It

Here’s this week’s project for 2S4Y based on Laura’s sketch #23. This week’s sponsor is Scor-It! Love my It!!! To see how I created the above, check out the video below.

NOTE: There’s no music in this tut. Been fighting with my video editor and got tired. One day I’ll add music to it but not today. Also, I blame it on preggo brain, I have no idea what I was saying in the video… when I did talk… I think I called this thing a card or a box or something… just ignore me and watch the video only {::SMILES}.



It’s Monday and I’m sleepy! It’s not a great way to start the week, huh? Laters!!

16 thoughts on “Tut: Scor-It + Bunny Ears Ribbon Tieing

    1. Thanks! My husband said next time take the ring off. He thinks the ladies would be gawking at my ring than actually watching the tutorial 😛

  1. What a great video….leave it to you & your tech savviness to do one:) LOVE your bag…genius idea & um…the ring!!!

  2. yay! savitri’s doing videos now? how exciting for us! i hope you do many more :O)

    thanks for the sweet comments on my blog, good suggestion about copying and pasting onto a doc… and sure, i’ll come over WHEN i finish my house, haha you’ll surely never see me if that’s the case!

    and BEAUTIFUL ring… i love it. take care!

    1. I’ve done them before. Just not my fave. A lot of work goes into it… from making my M quiet to making sure the tripod doesn’t fall off on me and oh yes, sometimes fighting with the application. I think I need to upgrade from iMovie but not doing this enough doesn’t seem worth it 🙂

  3. Nevermind the ring, you have beatiful hands! 😀
    You make it look so effortless and thought through. I usually start with some vague idea in my head and then keep adding bits and pieces and changing my mind in the process, the result is usually a cluttered mess!

  4. okay, cracking up because I was just saying to myself that you’ve got one honking big ring sista!!!! LOL….well, your ring is gorgeous and so is your card 🙂

    1. The center isn’t super big. There’s a center and then a crown around it and the sides. So it kind of make it look huge on my 2.75 size ring finger. I am very smalled boned. I’ve seen other smaller Asians but for my height and amongst my friends I have the tiniest fingers.

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