Pain in the A**


I ate three pieces of cake the other night, left the pan to soak in the sink and this was what I found in the morning on the counter top. Really? I think this was just inappropriate for my hubby to leave. I mean I AM pregnant {::SMILES}.

Hope your Saturday was nice. I had a few good laughs with the hubby — almost had a baby cause I was laughing so hard. I had some yummy dim sum and went to Archivers too. I found a few things but no new Prima flowers or Sassafrass stuff. I guess I’ll have to shop online. M got spoiled. Dad bought her $5 of stuff and she loaded herself with some American Craft paper. ROTTEN!!!

Here’s a page M did a few nights ago. I told you I always print a few extra digital items so that she can make a project with them too. She did everything herself. She’s pretty good at trimming around images. Elements from Mira Design – the DigiChick.

Hybrid M

9 thoughts on “Pain in the A**

  1. Oh my goodness, M is a better scrapbooker than me! That is just so wrong! lol! That note is a huge crack-up!! Glad your hormones didn’t cause you to do him any bodily harm!

  2. Love the layout! M did a fantastic job- I think she has a future as a scrapbooker. 🙂 You should make another cake and tell your husband that he can’t have any. Hehe.

  3. seriously that girl is going to be a scrapbooker….fab job missy!!!

    Sista…next time you finish off some cake, instead of leaving the pan in the sink to soak, just leave it on your hubby’s nightstand…LMAO. sheesh, you’re eating for really should have had 4 pieces of cake 🙂

    Have a super week Savitri!!

  4. Hi Savitri! I don’t think I would risk angering a pregnant woman, if I were your husband! LOL I’m so glad you let your daughter play with you. It makes me sad when I see people making comments about their art supplies are off limits to the kids. I would have been in HEAVEN as a child if my mother loved to play with paper! haha Keep up the eatin for two :O)

  5. OMG, M is definitely sharing your talent! That layout is just gorgeous, she has got the balance of elements so right and everything works wonderfully together – any grownup could be proud of that page and for most grownups it would be something to aspire to (including me!).
    You must be SO proud of her!

    And yes, I’m gonna go and check out that digi kit cause the elements are just soooo cute! 😀

    1. Forgot to add – that note is just pretty darn insensitive, so there… here’s woman who gained half of her body weight while pregnant speaking! 😀 Still haven’t managed to lift it though and the Tummy Bug is 6 months old :'(

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