Easter Egg Decorated

Easter Egg

Ok, seriously. Isn’t the above too too cute? I LOVE what Tiffany did here. You really need to check this chick out. I “met” her through Flickr and every time I check my Flickr gallery (not as often as I want… trying to though) I see her gorgeous work. I love a bunch of her stuff but this one just blew me away. The last time I decorated an easter egg was grade school. Ha ha ha…

Ok, have a great day. I am taking M to the dentist this afternoon in the city. She’s been going to this guy since she was one. There’s no children’s dentist here in town and she loves that man so we still go visit him every six months. It’s not bad. I take a half day off from work and M and I have a daughter and me time. We’re getting flip-flops at the mall today {::SMILES}.

4 thoughts on “Easter Egg Decorated

  1. Hey Savitri!! Wow, those egss are awesome. Checked out her site. . .very pretty stuff there! I hope those eggs aren’t real. . I’d hate to break them open or throw them away but if they’re real, they’ll stink if you don’t! LOL!


  2. Thanks for youre comment, really made me happy! I usually dont use purple, i think its such a hard color to use, for me anyways. 😛

    wow, that girl really know how to decorate easter eggs.


  3. those eggs are amazing, I hope they are empty eggs, so they can be kept around for a while, oops I just checked someone else had the same thought, my brother and I rehid eggs one easter and forgot about one until, PU, so I know about stinky eggs. 😉 Thanks for sharing such a beautiful piece of art.

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