Thinking of You

Thinking of You

I had fun at card night. The girls are always a hoot to be around. Plus they’re close to my age even though still, I am the oldest {::SAD}. M is still a bit afraid mom’s going to die. So far I’m still blogging. Poor girl though. She cried and cried last night before I went to card night. The hubby’s schedule is crazy busy. I feel bad for him. I think he’s starting to get a bit stressed out. Have any suggestion on a fun family event? Even if it’s at home?

Here’s my card for Kristina’s color challenge: Chocolate chip, close to cocoa, pretty in pink/pink pirouette, and whisper white. Aren’t the colors lovely? I didn’t do last week’s. Just not motivated to do much last week. For this card I used Teresa Collin’s template for the base. The cardstock’s SU and I ran the white through my Cuttlebug. I remember the CB challenge from the CB challenge blog on dots. I never did it then but I thought I’d do it now. The chipboard and flower is American Craft and the stamps are Organic Garden, Grand Central, and the cute tree set from the new catty… oh shoot, I forgot. The ribbon is Martha Stewart’s and the button is just an old button my mom (the seamstress) gave me. I put dimensionals under the pink and the cocoa based card stock for the sentiment.

Oh per your request, here’s a picture of M’s snow lady — with boobies! HA HA!!! The picture isn’t great. It was hard to show the definition and all the white.

Snow Lady

Have a great one!

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  1. Oh “m” is such a sweetie….poor thing…
    SWEET card sista and thanks for sharin’ the boobie snowgirl… let’s see a layout 🙂

  2. Your card is beautiful! Love it! My daughter is 10 and a couple of month’s ago she too was scared her dad and I would die. My husband is a pastor, so funerals are quite often in our lives, then my step dad pasted away very quickly and that is when she got really freaked out! She didn’t even want to stay at her friends house because she didn’t want to leave us! She wanted to sleep on a pallet on our bedroom floor to be close to us! We reassured her that we cant be scared about things we’re not in control of, that Jesus will take care of us in what ever happens in our lives. She is better now, I will pray for your little girl that she feels better soon too! God Bless!

  3. This is a stunning card. Love it! I think game night for any family is always fun. Even if it’s just a game of old maid. We love to play games here and then have popcorn with M&M’s and watch a movie and snuggle up together. Best Wishes with “m”

  4. Very cute and elegant! I like the snow female M made, how cute, it has boobies! Do u play board games? Like Cranium? or cutes and ladders? Me and my hubby play board games all the time at home. Something to do in these hard times, you know, do stuff that doesn’t really require going out and spending money or having to drive around….

    Clouds :o)

  5. What a gorgeous card! I love the pink ribbon. As for family activities. One of our favorite things to do is to rent a movie, put a bunch of blankets and pillows all over the floor, turn the lights out and snuggle up to enjoy the show. Game night is also a lot of fun as well.

  6. OK, the snowWOMAN is hysterical! Love it! Poor M. I’m telling you, my daughter went through the death stage too. I had to comfort her every night. Always at bedtime. The worse time for a child to be upset! I hope M gets through this quickly. I feel so bad for her!

    Your card is gorgeous. I love that postage edged frame! What is that? CUTE!

    OK, fun family activity . . . game night or pajama party! We have a queen sized air mattress, and we’ll put it in our family room, rent movies, order or make pizza, have snacks, etc. Always very fun. Jammies are, of course, a MUST. Game night is also fun. We’ll play Monopoly, Life, Scrabble, etc. We always find this to be very fun too! Good luck! Take care!!

  7. This is gorgeous Savitri…you made this challenge look so easy. I LAUGHED at the snowwoman, but don’t tell M that:) As far as family fun @ home…we love games, especially Wii, but we also play Dominoes, games by Cranium & cards. We also love to watch movies & pop some popcorn. Maybe something as simple as letting dh watch TV, while you & M sit on the floor & color!! Hope you enjoy your family time, whatever you do.

  8. Hi Savitri, you rocked Kristina’s challenge! Love all the details. I have that same choclate chipboard frame.

    M’s snowwoman is hysterical! That will make a great LO. I think her fear of you dying is a phase. K also went through something similar. He thought about his own death and was worried about me dying.

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