Kid’s Crazy :p

Check out these pics…



I wrote last Monday that on Sunday I took a long long nap and the hubby and M baked cupcakes. There are a few more shots but these are two of my favorite pictures of their activities. Look at that face!!!! I’ll be scrapping this set for sure… when I find the mojo for it. Just lost it. Last scrappy day was the crop in January.

I don’t feel like doing much today. My lack of sleep is killing me. I am still awake. It’s 11 p.m. I’ll probably be up at 4 a.m. again… ahh…No more craft for me until maybe Sunday. We have an exchange student this weekend and I’ll be picking her up after work. I plan on being out and about with her and M. Hubby has a volunteer thing in the city — judging some band/ROTC event. We’ll meet him for dinner but until then, it’ll be mostly us girls Saturday.

Until next time…

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