Tut: Scalloped Edges


Self Timer Woah, a tutorial!! It’s been a while, huh? This one’s an easy one. Basically it’s learning how to be cleverer than Photoshop, ha! I use this trick to outline a lot of stuff with my magic wand. I use this to create pieces for my KnK too (which I’ll share soon enough… the converting to different extensions is a bit challenging since there are different machines out there). I just dump a solid color (black) to the selected area, save it and import it to KnK to cut.

Here’s a sample layout that I did. See the scalloped piece on the top right? Scalloping is cool. I use it a lot for my paper craft too!

This tut was done in CS3 but the technique/idea can be used in previous versions – maybe Elements. You tell me.

Well enjoy and hopefully I can get on the video tutorial momentum again. Oh, if you can’t see the video very well or the High Quality is a bit much, go to the YouTube video page. It is though much better looking in HQ. For my tuts I’ll probably stick with HQ even though I figured out all the settings for HD. HQ is clear enough and not as slow.

I’m going to the city. Hopefully I can sucker hubby to take me to Archivers. I forgot to subliminally insert it into his head last night, ha!

4 thoughts on “Tut: Scalloped Edges

    1. Love the tuts, that’s how I found your blog…oh so long ago. I have actually used my photoshop, started digi, got on a design team…all thanks to your inspiration…thanks blog friend. Diana

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