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Living Life Baby names… urgh! So hard! All the names we’ve saved up for the last 4+ years are now uber popular names. Emma’s bad enough – we didn’t know it was the #1 name in 2004!!! So we’re trying to do different but it’s tough! Was it hard for you?

So here’s another scrappy page using more of my Scarlet Lime goodies. I think I used a bit here and there. As always when I’m scrapping with a lot of products I have a hard time keeping up. Maybe one day I’ll get better {::SMILES}. I used One Little Word: Living as an inspiration for this layout. I haven’t played there in a while and they always have a nice word and lots of great inspirations. If you’re wondering what she was doing don’t ask. I wondered too. She was just running around in circles on the trampoline making silly faces. Living the life of a 4-yr-old.

How has your week been going? Mine’s ok. Nothing magnificent/terrible happened. I am though tired of cold weather; I cannot wait until it’s over!!! On the scrappy front, I am behind. I’ve only made seven pages and my goal is 10. I guess I have a few days left until the end of the month, huh? Just have been feeling like cards lately. Oh well, it’s ok. Maybe next month I’ll catch up. I want to do more M’s pages before baby W comes a long.


9 thoughts on “Living Life – OLW

  1. LOL – we’re in the same boat. we didn’t Sofia was such a popular name!
    But I think we already picked one out for #2. And it isn’t even on the top 2000 list 😉

  2. BEAUTIFUL layout! Great photos and I love the colors you chose to scrap with. Baby names are really HARD, everyone has SOMETHING to say about what you choose too! lol Good Luck 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by to say hi

  3. I can’t tell you what girls’ names are the most popular now, but I can tell you that 21 years ago it was Katie and 16 years ago, it was Amanda! Guess we named our girls!!! When our son was born, we had a boy’s name and a girl’s picked out. We just kept the girl’s name until we had a daughter 4 years later. We had no idea that Katie had become so popular and spelled a multitude of ways. Maybe a person just notices when it’s their own child’s name?!?!?! My only advice is don’t name her “LuRae!” She’ll spend a life time spelling it and still be called LaRue, LuAnn, and Laura! Not, of course, that there is anything wrong with those names! 😉

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