I Needed Cilantro But…

A Card for Hubby Some while back I asked hubby to buy me some cilantro and he came home with parsley. He swore he got it from the cilantro pile. Oh well. But since then I never ask him to buy me cilantro. Well today I wanted to make an Indian dish and later this week whip up some enchilada. I asked hubby if I could trust him with some cilantro and in an annoying voice (and look) said, “That was a long time ago. Quit bringing it up.” I said fine and put cilantro on the grocery list. Guess what? He came home with parsley. HA! He was soooo pissed. He said the parsley was in the cilantro pile and he even asked somebody. Ahhh… maybe one more try? Third time’s a charm?

Here’s a card that I created using two challenges. The first is Kazan’s sketch from 2S4Y and the other is Cinema Saturday’s Casablanca. After creating this card I realized that there’s a twist on the Casablanca card (I got to learn to read better) and that there’s a color requirement of black, white, gray, and a color of my choice. My colors are way off. I got the black and white right but obviously I have more colors than what was asked. BUT, I got the romantic portion down {::SMILES}. This is my Valentine’s card for the hubby. Hope he likes it (it’s not pink and there are no glitters, he should, ha!).


Mostly from my Scarlet Lime kit: SEI paper (the flower cut-out), b/w wrapping paper, and buttons and butterfly. Cardstocks are SU’s and the tag is K&Co Amy Butler. I used my Cuttlebug too for the texture – since the machine and template are still out from the other card.

Hope you had a great Monday. I was off today, yeah!

58 thoughts on “I Needed Cilantro But…

  1. Wow! This card is a true original. The colors work and those black petals pop off of the card. Your hubby will love it.

    Good luck on getting cilantro!

  2. LOL, your poor DH. At least he was willing to pick up the groceries. =) Maybe you should teach him what cilantro smells like so he can do a smell test next time. =)

  3. This card is wonderful!! I love the colors.

    Funny story about the cilantro. I sent my hubby to the store today to get parsley for an Italian dish I made tonight…I kind of cringed and told him to make sure it was parsley and not cilantro. He did come home with parsley, but my step-son (who went with him) told me that they had to ask someone to make sure it was parsley. LOL

  4. LOVELY card…close enough on the challenge…oops! LOL about the cilantro. Have him google it, or taste is or something! He he! Men…gotta love’ em. Have a great day and happy new year! Di

  5. OMG, this is absolutely g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! The colors are absolutely splendid! I {heart} reading your stories…cracks me up…You so need to find a cilantro stamp…

  6. I think the 3rd time should be a trip to the grocery store that the two of you take together so that you can see what’s up with this cilantro / parsley mix up!! Too funny!

    I love your card! Just gorgeous!!

  7. I LOVE the colors on your card…so bold and he is going to love it! I tell my husband if you’re not sure what your buying grab your phone and picture google it! hahaha!

  8. This is so pretty. Glad you could play this week. I have to laugh at the Cilantro, I am the shopper & when ever I send DH for anything, I get a minimum of 3 calls from the store, “do you mean this? or this? cause there’s two different ones ….. ” sigh. Gotta love ’em!

  9. Wow! Incredible card! Seriously, wow! I can totally sympathize with your hubbie. they never mark it here and I’m always having to nonchalantly sniff it to see which one I’m coming home with!

  10. Oh my goodness that’s funny about the cilantro! Poor hubby! Third time will be the charm! 🙂
    Love his card and sure he will love it too~

  11. HAHAH! sound like something my hubby will do. I love indian food…have a book of recipies and cook some at least once a week. OK! now talking about your card, I love it, the bright colors with black make the perfect combination….HUGS…SK 🙂

  12. That is absolutely beautiful…I love the colors combination!
    Each time i asked my bf to buy stuff for me, he usually came home with something i dun even know what it is…lol 🙂

  13. YA!! she’s back.. You have been missed I promise. I always love seeing your face in the comment section on Our Challenge and on my blog… You are such a sweetie…

    Your card totally ROCKS!! The layout is just over the moon… The colors you used are just so bold and bright and full of life… He is totally going to love this Valentines day card.. I loved your Cilantro story… I agree parsley is just not going to cut it! If you are lucky he might attempt to get the cilantro maybe with a please…. and a kiss then you can ask again…

  14. HI Savitri! I LOVE your card!!! It is just beautiful beautiful beautiful! ANd I love the story that you tell about your DH and the cilantro-parsley situation! HILARIOUS!!! First of all – I am sorry for not being a better blog commentator the last few weeks – I LOVE your blog and always want to write a lot to you – so I save your blog for last – but then i am so tired that I pop in – enjoy and am so tired at the end of the day – that I say that I will write to you tomoorrow — anyhooooO! I love your blog and your creations and your stories and am sorry for not being a better commentator!! Secondly – I LOVE your new do and the self-timer story that you relate with M – HOW cute are you too! And that is one cute cute cute belly!!! Love it!!! (and the layout is awesome too!!) Thirdly – I LOVE THAT YOU PLAYED ALONG IN THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!! Your card is just beautiful and that sentiment is just beautiful!!! I LOVE it – and the orange bow is fantastic!! WOW! Love your take on K’s sketch too! I am sure that your DH will love it – and if he doesn’t – you can send it to ME!!! 🙂

    Hope you are feeling well! Thank you so much for playing along in the Cinema Sat. weekly challenge! Its always a pleasure to see your creations and to come visit your awesome blog!!! Sending you lots of hugs! And big wishes! and more hugs!

    Sankari 🙂

  15. Beautiful card Savitri! You know what – I’ve committed the same mistake so I better not say anything to anybody :). I started to make cilantro chutney and thought to myself “Hmm..the aroma is very different” LOL! After that I’ve been so careful while getting cilantro!!

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