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Good Times HI!!!! How’s your weekend? It’s great here. I had some yummy Korean yesterday and did a tiny bit of shopping. We went to a William and Sonoma store too to compare pots and pans. That’s our next big purchase. Hubby thinks the All-Clad is more realistic for me. The Le Creuset, however nice and well made it is, is just waaaaaay to heavy for me aka weenie arms. So we’ll see.

Oh, we received our KitchenAid mixer early (if you’ve been wanting one get it NOW for $250 at Amazon for the 600 series!). Yeah!!! What a surprise, on a Saturday too!!!! I think FedEx is on steroids this holiday. We’re not complaining. On the other hand, for the second time we received the wrong washer part. So… another week with dirty clothes. Hubby’s going to call them up tomorrow… not a happy customer call… so hopefully they’ll get their system straight. The second time the rep was the one who placed the order and still, WRONG!

We’re into this kitchen buying kick because we have moving plans. Which means who knows when I’ll get a job when we do. So, while we can afford it we want to get as many items as we can that will last us 20 at least years. We’ve actually been saving up for it but we’re just too huge of a tightwad to spend the money. The KitchenAid for example, we figured that it was summer/fall of 2003 when we first looked into getting one. The pots and pans… oh a year later and the dishes… probably since 2003 too. Yeah yeah, we’re sloooow.

SampleOk, the freebie… the above photo was a terrible photo and with some Photoshop magic I was able to get it to something presentable like the above. When I take pictures I take them in RAW + JPG format (having two formats take up a lot of space but it’s worth it to me). Not every camera has this feature but if you have an upper level SLR you usually have a RAW option. To edit a RAW file you need a special software. Either use the one that came with the camera or use Adobe Photoshop’s RAW formatting application. To get to M’s printed picture, I got some help from Jack Davis’s free PhotoPresets for Adobe Camera RAW. It is free and all the presets will be listed under “Presets” in the RAW editing window. How do you get to this RAW editor? Well, you right click the .CR2 file and left click “edit in Photoshop CS3/4 and you’ll get to this window. Keep in mind this plug-in is only for CS3 or newer… at least that’s what Davis’s disclaimer is. After I picked a preset, I played around with the setting more until I was happy with the result.

Have fun playing and more later!!!

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