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Coaster Here’s a coaster that I created using just one stamp. I did a coaster on tile before and to do that an oven was required. For this I just needed a ceramic piece (this is actually a candle holder), stamp, ink, I used a matte spray sealer. So far so good and it’s been like this for the last two months. I wanted to kind of test it out first before I post {::SMILES}.

To do: Spray with sealer outside. It stinks I think. After you think you have a nice even thin coat, let dry according to the direction on package. Stamp. Let dry. Spray a few coats to protect the image. I did three coats. This is my first time and I just winged it. So far it’s ok but if you have a better way, let me know.

I did this project because I wanted to do a stamping project at the lss that didn’t require an oven. Well, due to my parents being here and me thinking it was later than I thought the class was cancelled but I still have this. So here it is. It’s super easy if you need some last minute gift ideas.

I am tired. Going to relax with M before dinner. Hubby has his Christmas party tomorrow. I am so not motivated. Have you ever felt that way? I just don’t know anybody… well I know one… and I’m not the big party type. I don’t scream and holler or like party games where people have their eyes on me. I don’t drink much either (I can only drink half a glass of wine on a normal day or I’d get sick). So even now, I have no strict diet. Once in a while I still take one or two sips (literally) of wine. M turned out fine… kind of like this study. Anyhow, I like small gatherings where I know half the people at least. Nice background music, intelligent conversations, good food, nobody gets wasted. Last year I left early and visited my friend. Yeah yeah… party pooper – or just plain boring!

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  1. I totally understand why you are not keen on party. I’m not a party animal either. I don’t drink at all….hate the taste of beer or wine or to be exact…alchoholic drinks. On the other hand, I enjoyed being in a nice and cosy environment where they have nice background music, good food, wide selection of drinks (no alcohol) and with a bunch of close friends. Sweet!

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