Crafty Saturday

RudolphI wish I can claim these ideas as mine but they’re not. These are just two of the many things that M did at the St. Nick’s workshop Saturday.

The first is a snack. Yes, they had to work on their snack before eating it. It’s a reindeer and it’s made out of a chocolate body, (2) caramel face and head, an M&M nose, pretzel antlers and tail, and (2) marshmallow peanut looking candies. Everything is “glued” together with icing and the legs are (4) toothpicks. Oh, there is also a half a toothpick (I know because I helped prepped) between the head and face. Super super cute and the kids had a lot of fun making and eating this.


The second is this cute snowman. It’s made out of recycled small/big (you can choose) creamer container. The hat and scarf is just felt (the hat was presewn). The hat has a little ribbon on the top — can’t see it too well. The kids just tied it on the spot. Love this little guy!!

Since the event was at church each project has a little verse on it. I can’t remember what this one had… I can’t look either since it’s been wrapped. I think this is a present from M to one of her little friends. I hope she likes it!

M CraftingLast, there’s little M, having a great time making the projects with her helper. She was soooo tired after (crafting from 1 to 3:50 p.m.) and had a big headache after (at least that’s what she said). So yesterday evening we just lounged around and watched Prince Caspian, the second Narnia series. It was pretty good. I really liked it. I love the books and having not read it since I was 8-ish, I really can’t compare the book with the movie. It was entertaining and we all had a great time together.

Hope your weekend was great! I need to get back to wrapping presents and sending out Christmas cards to at least the family and very close friends… those are my goals at least. Have a great one!!

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