Another Christmas Card

House Christmas Not the usual colors but it’s a Christmas card. I’ve had this October Afternoon stamp set for a while but just didn’t around to using it until now. The houses are really cute, there are three of them in this set. I want to get a few more, ScrapGal has a few on sale. But, can’t get any until after Christmas… our rule. I broke the rule twice and hubby said if it happens the third time, I get no more presents, ever. I bought a heat gun one year and a Bantam Agatha Christie book. The first I really needed and the second… it was at an old book store… what’s the chance of me finding that one again? Well, hubby found the whole Bantam set on Ebay and I didn’t get it {::HUGE SNIFF}. I was naughty!! He was so upset with me when I came home and flashed the one book in his face.

I did some sewing, machine and hand, on this card and the sentiment’s from SU and PTI. There are some glitters on the house and tree… I wanted to give it a snow effect but I don’t think I got it. They became clear after drying. The pattern paper is Cosmo Cricket.

Anyhow, have a great one. I was blog hopping upstairs and I’m going to finish while eating some Korean noodles. I’ve been hungry almost every night. Two weeks ago (at 12 weeks prego) I weight two pounds more than my initial weight. Today, I might have gained two more… maybe less. Still no noticeable difference and still wearing my usual clothes. I think I’m pregnant AND have tape worm, ha ha!

7 thoughts on “Another Christmas Card

  1. sO GORGEOUS! I love that little house! And your metabolism you lucky thing! I pigged out on some pastries today and I swear it caused me to gain 20 punds in 20 seconds! Make the most of it and give bubs lotsa yums!!

  2. a-dorable card…it is sooooo sweet! I wish I had a tape worm…I look at food and bloat…lol…okay, I should probably insert in here, unlike you, I am NOT pregnant. Have a super friday!!!

  3. Mmmm, Korean noodles! Sounds yummy. Whenever someone mentions food. . .I always seem to comment on it first! LOL!!

    Oh, you’ve been naughty, huh! LOL! I’ve been sneaking stuff in the house. . .terrible. I think we all do the same thing. . .you just gotta be better at sneaking it in. Okay. . .no more buying for you! We want you to have many more years of receiving Christmas presents!! Control, girl, control!!

    Love your card. . .stitching. . hand sewn. . .that’s ambitious but you did a beautiful job! I love the dp that you used. . .non-traditional but pretty nonetheless!


  4. Love that card!! I just had that stamp set in my cart at an online store this weekend! Too funny about you being naught and getting in trouble! Sounds like your guy is pretty thoughtful and pays attention in the gift department, nice!

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