Happy Weekend!

Lincoln Logs First of all thank you so much for the congrats!! We are very very excited and cannot wait to meet the little person. A few have asked me if we’re going to find out about the gender. Well, we’re thinking about it. This is our plan for now… since our insurance doesn’t pay for ultrasounds (the military’s funny, they pay 100% but no ultrasound unless it’s medically needed), we’re going to do the 3D one at 20 weeks-ish and just take a peak and have the person put the info in an envelope. Then, we’re either going to make it to the end and it’ll be a surprise or we’re going to be too crazy not knowing and we’ll rip the envelope open before the child is born. My guess is that the later will happen. My wonderful husband cannot stand waiting for Christmas. It’ll be amazing if he can wait 20 weeks, or less, to find out when the answer is right under his nose.

Both kids, the M and the (big kid) husband, wants a boy. I wouldn’t mind another girl. So, when I blog I’ll be calling it she and at home, it’ll be a he. Either way will be great, I just have a little thing for girls.

Ok, so here’s a page that I did using my Studio Calico stash. Not sure what month this kit was from. The title I did with my KnK. I love wallet size photos when I scrapbook. I think you’ll see more of them. I’ll be printing out more in a bit here.

Have a great weekend! I plan on crafting sometimes this weekend!! Hopefully the little person left me some creativity juice. She really is sucking the life of of me… I am getting Alzheimer too. I keep repeating myself, urgh!

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  1. Oh, my goodness … this is a bit weird, but just as I was looking at the LO, I was wondering if you all would have any more children and then I read the post! Awesome news. Congrats. Now let’s talk about a name …? 😉

  2. First of all — I can’t tell you how excited I am for you guys! I know what you mean about forgetting things… i used to feel the same way – and I used to call it:

    Brain Drain… LOL!

    Hope you are getting lots of rest – and as for finding out – I couldnt’ wait to find out — with my son – they couldn’t tell from the ultrasound – but i always knew it was a boy – i had boys names already picked out- i kept seeing a boy baby in my dreams… so when he finally arrived and the doctor said: “its a boy” – apparently my husband tells me (and I totally don’t remember doing this) but he tells me that – I just yelled out “I knew it – I knew it was a boy” and then i conked out… LOL! With our second baby – I totally knew it was a girl – no doubt – I had dreams – my cravings were wayyyy different and I felt my energy was different… the first ultrasound didn’t show anything because of the position of the baby – but then I had to have a second ultrasound close to delivery and the technician said she could tell and asked us if we anted to know – to which we both said a resounding yes (even though we were like two weeks away from our due date LOL!) It was so beautiful to know and to see her little body inside — there was something so magical about that moment… We totally had her name picked out and during labor I kept “talking” to her calling her name and somehow I felt like we moved through the whole experience together… Anyhoooooo

    sorry about this ginormous comment – just so excited about your news!!!

    Oh – your page is fantastic – I really don’t think you have Brain Drain!!! Love the idea with the wallet photos!
    Sending much love!
    Sankari 🙂

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