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It’s been a while but here’s another Photoshop tutorial. The subject was an email request from one of you, I hope the video helps. My styles file size after saving the two styles: 3kb. I haven’t been playing much with digital and got clueless on what type of tuts to make. So thank you for the suggestion!!

Not sure what the kids (one hubby, one child, and two fur babies) are doing. They left me alone to finish my real estate stuff but here I am blogging. Ok, this will be short, I want to finish so that we can get out of here and have some good times. Laters!

3 thoughts on “Tut: Photoshop Styles

  1. you know in all the time i have used that box – i have never even checked out that “New Style” button!! wow!! can’t wait to go and make something in photoshop with your tip – so cool that you can save a style and use it for later…. that is SUCH a timesaver!! thanks S. – LOVE your tutorial – very clear and easy to follow – you totally rock the digi-tutz!

    sending ya’ll some sunshine!!!
    S. ( i will have to let you know when i try out your tips!)

  2. Hi Savitri,

    I just found your site and boy i am amazed !!!! There are so many things i could learn from your tutorials!!! This one is so easy to follow and very clearly said!!! Such a timesaver tip on styles!!! Going to browse more of your digi-tuts and more importantly bookmarking your site for future reference!!!

    Sending you some hugs


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