M Made This

Emma's Art Word I just want to share a picture that M made me. She trimmed all by herself (I did the flower on the right).

The right hand got cut. She was soooooo sad. She cried and it just broke my heart. She wanted to cut it oh so perfectly… just like mommy’s she said. Ooooh….

So that’s a picture of Emma with flowers all around her and blue sun glasses. The ribbons across was glued and the little pieces were stapled and then glued with craft glue. To give it some pizazz, she added some glitter glue all around.

My little girl makes me something everyday, I love them all, and this is my favorite of her work! Hubby said one day soon she’ll be better than me. I can’t wait!

I love my baby girl {::SMILES}.

Ok, have a great night! I just want to post this little picture before g-night time. Laters!

2 thoughts on “M Made This

  1. How precious! It is great that you will be able to share this with your daughter. I am looking forward to sharing my craft with my daughter as well!

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