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Daughter Nice weekend, so far. Drew loved his birthday cards and the outing. He’s so funny though, us girls were still sleeping (this was 9 a.m.) and he’s been up since 8 a.m. and putting up sheet rock. The ceiling is almost done! What a man!! His birthday present hasn’t arrived yet but it’s normal. I think it’d be weird if he opens his present on his birthday. He’d think his wife got abducted or something, ha! Actually, I think last year I bought it locally.

Here’s a page that I did a while back. Nothing fancy, just a bit different with the circle pattern paper. I like it though.

We left for the city at around 11 a.m. We stopped at Brookside Barkery first to get the pups some food. Eek, $49 with tax! But it’ll last me almost 2 months. They each only eat a cup a day. I put the pups in a 6 months rotation. The last six months they were on Canidae and this rotation they’re on Innova. Dunno, the vet and many animal ppl say it’s good. There was a good reasoning for it but I forgot.

DaughterAnyhow, after buying dog food, we had dim sum at Bo Lings. I love that place! M’s favorites are usually the dumplings and the porridge but today she tried some siu mai and loved it. We left Bo Lings (with some bubble tea) at 2 p.m. and went straight to the Nelsen-Atkins Museum of Art. This was our first time and wow, it had quite a collection and quite packed with people. We only went to one side, not enough time to see them all. My favorite was the African collection. I just have this thing with African art. We will come back.

Then we got to the French restaurant BUT before getting there we went on a little scenic route to Parkville, MO. Not on purpose! Instead of turning right we went straight and there was no exit or a place to turn around until the Parkville exit, a good five miles or so. I’d love to go to Parkville, heard they have very nice shops and restaurants, but not today,

Le Fou Frog was awesome. We didn’t order as much as the first time but the meals were a lot bigger this time around. M, that little piggie, she ate A LOT!!! She had maybe half a baguette to herself with cheese and butter on it (she loved all the cheeses, even the stinky cheese), had space for duck, rice, and veggies (even Brussels Sprouts) AND she ate 80% of my huge Creme Brule. She just kept giggling when I told her to drop the spoon. Oh, she ate some of dad’s tarte + ice cream too.

Nice day. Hubby had a great birthday and now we’re just going to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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