Hubby Made this Card

My Mother's Day Breakfast Hope every mom had a wonderful mother’s day weekend. I had a great one spent with my family and a few friends.

I didn’t do anything crafty but my hubby did and he did an awesome job too. First though, let me share what M and him did for me (well, mostly hubby did for me).

Sunday morning, hubby made me breakfast – M was suppose to help but M and me ended up playing instead. When breakfast was ready, I had the breakfast in bed option but I opted for the dinner table so that we can all sit down together.

For breakfast, hubby made me eggs, grits (it was still cooking when the photo was taken), turkey sausage and from scratch, he made cinnamon and vanilla waffles. They were yummy and perfect looking! I am so proud of him!!

drew1.jpgAfter breakfast, he offered to clean up and he said that I could scrapbook or whatever if I wanted to. I did go to my craft room but didn’t really do anything too creative.

I finished up the page that I did at the crop and printed out a few things for a few hybrid projects. While I was doing all this, I heard a lot of hammering and drilling from the basement. I thought that hubby got motivated and wanted to do more basement stuff. But no, he made me this card instead.

Isn’t this the nicest looking card? I LOVE it!

Here are the details:

Leftover wood from our construction project, metal from an old beer can, hammered bottle caps for the circles, staples, pastic ties, nails, and cardboard.

This is the best card ever!!! M loves it too and dad said he’ll make a special one for her. She can’t wait!

Card by Hubby Card by Hubby

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  1. That is awesome… art is in the eye of the beholder! That is the more “no holds barred” version of “stamping”! Cherish it… and I am sure you will scrapbook it! 🙂

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