Tut: Using Patterns From ColourLovers.com and Freebies

Before I forget… have you visited Shabby Princess lately? They have a new freebie kit. Check it out, very nice!! Also, Weeds and Wildflowers are having their 1st year anniversary celebration. On their blog they have a mini kit freebie (very nice looking) and it’s only going to be up for 24 hrs. There will be a new giveaway until Sunday, so bookmark them, add them to your rss or subscribe via email. Whatever… but W&W is one of my favorite stores. I’d love to be Gina’s CT/guest {::SMILES}.

Last week I posted some Kuler info and also a one liner on ColourLovers.com. Well, I got to exploring ColourLovers a bit and it’s a really cool place. I found out that it was created way before Kuler and even though Kuler is very nice, CL has a better community and also this thing called patterns. YES, FREE patterns!! This isn’t great new just for digi scrappers, but those who has Photoshop (Elements included), you can create your own background/pattern paper with premade AND free patterns. Once you have your pattern paper, you can either go digital or print it out and use it for your cards, layouts, altered, and more — do whatever you do with pattern paper.

CL isn’t the only place to get patterns. There are many other free ones but this is my newest find and I want to share it with you. Watch the video and see how easy it is to create your own pattern paper from a sample pattern. Keep in mind that if you want bigger patterns, you need a higher ppi pattern sample or in other word a bigger sample. We’ll get to that later. For now, enjoy this.

4 thoughts on “Tut: Using Patterns From ColourLovers.com and Freebies

  1. Savitri … I was able to download the Shabby Princess kit, but I missed out on the Weeds and Wildflowers kits.  I did, however, sign up for the newsletter.  It is a wonderful site.

    I check out your vid for colourlovers.com too.  Quite nice.

    Question, how do you assemble your vid tut?  I like the way the computer screen images flow and zoom in and out.  What program do you use to edit?  Thanks much.  I’ll post this on TwoPeas too, so that you can contact me.

  2. Awesome! You can even create your own patterns with custom colors so I think I can create my own paper and use the color codes for Stampin up! Thanks!

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