Flock: It’s Awesome!

FlockOk, so this isn’t stamping or scrapbooking BUT, if you at least blog, use Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Picasa, Gmail, del.icio.us, or whatever, you got to check this browser out. Here’s a Flock How-To for more info.

Flock’s backend is powered by Mozilla (and you know how awesome Firefox is) but with added features. Now that I installed flock, I don’t have to go to my blog site, login, and type my blog. I can just click on the little icon on my Flock browser and start writing. When I’m done, I just push publish. There are limitations, I don’t have all the advanced features that are available through WordPress, for example the time stamp (in case I want to post-date the publishing time). But, for just general blog updating like right now, this is great.

I use Flickr a lot. I have the Flickr uploaded but with Flock, I don’t need it anymore. I can just use the built-in uploaded from Flock. The cool thing about Flock and Flickr is that now I can see all my contacts on the left side of my browser or what they call People in the Browser. If I want to see work by one of my favorite “friend” I can just click on the media icon next to that person and on the top of my browser, I see little thumbnails of my friend’s photos. Of course I can click to enlarge. This is the same with YouTube. All my favorite videos will be listed right there on the top.

Now I have my GMail account and del.icio.us bookmark set up in Flock. It took me a while to figure it out. I didn’t see this yellow instruction line on top, right underneath where my Flickr photos are.

My Flock Here it is, my Flock browser with all my accounts. I hardly use my Facebook account, maybe this will help. But, just having the blogging, Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube feature, plus del.icio.us, is good enough for me. This will help me blog and upload photos more efficiently, use my GMail, keep in touch with friends and coworker, AND help me keep up to date with my professional stuff through Twitter. I still have my Google for my homepage but Flock is an awesome addition. You should try it out, especially if you blog and upload photos.

Ok, this is my first post with Flock… let me see how it goes…

EDIT: The last image was a picture on my desktop. I dragged the picture to my Flock blog editor and soon after a window opened asking me where I want to upload the photo to. I chose Picasa just because I’ve never uploaded anything to it before but I also had the option to upload to Flickr. I added the tag, changed a few settings, and pushed the publish/send (I can’t remember) button. The image was then inserted and I continued typing the rest of my blog posting. It was nice.

Blogged with the Flock Browser


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