Hawaiian Chair and a Test

I am testing two YouTube plugins for my blog… so bear with me. But do check out the videos. They’re are hilarious! NOT good for scrapbooking or cardmaking that’s for sure!



EDIT: Ok, found the plug-in that shows/can play YouTube videos on RSS readers. If you’re using the installed version of WordPress, go to www.wordpress.org and check out WP YouTube. The updated version is very nice. Ok, enough geek stuff…

3 thoughts on “Hawaiian Chair and a Test

  1. OMG too funny!
    I have never seen these videos, nor heard of that chair, but I have been envisioning using this in my craft room- imagine the creations that could result!
    Thanks for the giggles!

  2. OMG, those are so hillarious! It would be an amuzing product to have around the house. I am sure the little ones would love it!

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