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It’s spring break. YEAH!!!! What does it mean for me? A little time to play, no grading, no fighting for a parking spot, and also take a couple days off from work.

Today, I thought I’d log in to Kuler and see what kind of colors they’ve got today and try to create one for submission. I’ve been on Kuler (my coworker introduced me to this site) for a while but never tried creating and submitting. I thought it’d be difficult but it was sooo easy to create a new color and submit. Fun!

To see the color code or details for the particular color scheme you like, select the color first then click on the little monitor icon to the right of each color scheme:
Kuler Edit Icon

From here you can edit… or, if you are logged in, submit your edit or new color scheme to Kuler. It’s really cool.

To use in Photoshop (or Illustrator and maybe InDesign… not sure on the last), click on the little download icon:

Kuler Download

Save this .ase file to your computer (you might want to create a folder if you’re going to download a few). To load the .ase into your Photoshop, do the following (in CS2 or older):


For CS3, you should find your swatch amongst your palette:


In the Swatch Palette, you now need to click on the little arrow on the right (in CS3, the little arrow points down instead of to the right) and you’ll get a menu option just like what’s showing in the above image. Select Load Swatches. You’ll get a load window, just like below and from here, you need to browse to where you saved the .ase file that you downloaded/saved from Kuler. Next to Files as Type, you need to click on the drop down arrow and select the .ase extension (instead of .aso). After you do this, you will now be able to see the .ase file that you downloaded. Click Load and you’ll have the new swatches.


My Cherry Cheesecake swatch by Donald Aggarat.


Cherry Cheesecake

Hmmm… what can I do with this swatch? I can make a card with Stampin’ Up’s card stocks: real red, chocolate chip, barely banana, off white and natural/tan. I can create a scrapbook layout with these colors or what I use Kuler the most for: create a website design. Kuler is for anybody who works with colors. Instead of guessing, go to Kuler and find the color for you. I also have a Kuler widget on my Mac.

NOTE: Kuler is a Flash based site. Don’t click on the back button. It’ll take you out of the website. Once you’re done, click on another menu option or the Kuler logo on the top left to go back to the first page. The menu options on the right are clickable (under Try the New Kuler Desktop), even though it doesn’t seem so.

Another color site that I just stumbled upon: Colour Lovers. Check this one out. Isn’t it gorgeous?

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  1. SUPER cool! After I finish my computer programming homework, I’ll have to check this out. Maybe I’ll be smart enough to understand it then, lol. ;0) Thanks for the colourful inspiration, :0) Mel

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