Digi Tip and a LO

Hmm… maybe I should have a digitip Monday and a digi tut Friday {::SMILES} I don’t know, I could never stick to a schedule but here’s my digitip. For Photoshop users, try pushing shift-alt/option, and adjust your marque/shape with your mouse. What does it do? What does pushing shift and then adjusting do? What will pushing alt/option and adjusting do? Try it out. Super important stuff here!

Growing UpHere’s a layout that I did using Dana Frantz Dreamery and Bella kit. I really like (super gorgeous girly papers and elements!). It was fun to play around with these two kits combine. The scallop paper… that’s from the download template or the result of yesterday’s tutorial. If you like, feel free to grab from the bottom of yesterday’s tutorial. Watch the video if you’re not sure how to use it.

I don’t know if you regulars notice but I am not one to use 10 designers in one LO. I tend to stick with a handful or less and use what they have for one layout. One some experimental days I’d go out and try different stuff but if I do, I don’t post those LO because ya know, it’s just too hard to do the credits. I don’t know how some ppl keep up with what they use when I see a LO that has a lot of elements. Wow! So, back to my KISS principle, I like to just play with a few kits and have a LO or two done. Same with my stamping — one or two stamp set(s). My paper scrapping is different… I use a lot of leftovers elements so that’d be the reason why I can’t keep my credits straight. Have a great day all. Hopefully I’ll be able to post something new. If I don’t, then it’s because I’m still working on M’s cards. I haven’t even started on the teacher’s cards!

Before I go, and speaking of regulars, I have a few regulars. Wow! I’ve been getting emails on my tutorials and I just looked in my feedburner and I also have a few subscribers. You all make me feel useful so thank you! I love showing people how to do things and of course share my creations (hopefully they can inspire somebody) and it’s also nice to know that the time I put into my tuts was not a waste.

3 thoughts on “Digi Tip and a LO

    1. Yes, I do. Well most of them at least. There are a couple that I’m not sure what to do yet. But they were fun to make and I did work somewhat or really hard on them.

      I have been printing my digi stuff at whcc.com. From the outside it looks like they only take professional photographers but not really. They have excellent print quality and also processing and shipping time. The nice thing, compare to other places, is that they have a lot of paper option since they’re a professional printing company. When you open an account with them you get a sample of their papers. Very nice.

      If you have nice color printer, there are 12×12 printers, you can do it yourself but I’m not a big fan of personal printers so I send mine out. You can print any digital paper and use it for your cards. It’s fun, you should try it out. There are many free papers out there! Or, make one yourself 😀

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