Tut: Stitching in Photoshop

Well, it was going to be on stitching but I didn’t have any stitching brush. Or if I did, I can’t remember where it is. So I used hearts instead. Fits the February Valentine’s theme {::SMILES}. But really, once you know this little step, you can use x, v, flowers, dots, scallops, etc. Uuuh… I should make a scallop with holes in the center. I love doing that for my paper stuff. Or scallops with paper piercing… or just paper piercing.

Oh, almost forgot… I did this super late last night. Couldn’t go to sleep. So uhm, there’s a lot of uhms, and pauses. I think my brain was falling asleep but my eyes weren’t. One day soon I hope to update the audio. Also, for the circle, yes, if you want to start in the center, push Shift-Option/Shift-Alt and you’ll have a perfect circle or whatever shape you choose from the marque tool. I think it only works for the marque tool. Doesn’t do the shape. The guides, those are the guides I was talking about in my tip yesterday to help me with my 1/8″ print margins. If you put your mouse on the ruler, top/left, and click and drag, you’ll get this guide. To return the guide, just select it and drag it back to the ruler or you can clear the guides just like how I did it in the video.

Ok, I’ll shut up. Enjoy!

Brush Tip InfoPS: I received an email because something wasn’t cleared. How did you get to the area where you can change the spacing? Well, mine was already set to it since I’ve used it already, but if this is your first time since you opened PS, once you open your brush palette, you want to make sure that the “Brush Tip Shape” is selected. Also, I want to share a few cool places to get some brushes:

Another note, once you know how to adjust your brush and play around with it (see under Brush Tip Shapes, there are many more options to click through), you can make your own background paper. Just Google for some doodle or swirly brushes and experiment. I am trying to enable you to make your own stuff {::SMILES}

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  1. I LOVE all these tutorials! I got hooked on digital scrapbooking a couple months ago, and your tutorials are SO helpful! Keep ’em comin’!!! Thanks!

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