Tut: How to Save Your PS Brush

I probably should have an M LO today since it’s her birthday but no… I don’t have anything to share there. I haven’t even made a card for her yet… bad mommy! I guess I got too busy with preping for her little party Saturday (did a little reminder note last night) and stuff her goody box to make sure they all fit that I never thought of making her a special card. URGH!!! I guess, MAYBE, because we’re not going to celebrate until Saturday and we were going to give her the presents and cards then. Ahh…. I’m confused! But it’s her birthday today and she knows it — I think — she said she wants Chinese so we’re going to go out to eat tonight to her favorite Chinese (it’s actually Thai) place. I’ll make a card for her really quick when I get home. I know what she loves {::SMILES}. She didn’t want to go to school today. She’s been sick. Bad cough and sniffles. I told her that we have to go and the reason seems so horrible too. I have two meetings today which I can’t cancel. I told her that mommy needs to work so that we can eat, live in this house, and get M nice things. She said (sad face and all), “I don’t need anymore toys; I have a lot already. You don’t need to make money, I don’t need anything.” Broke my heart. Oh, these are the days when you wish you could just do whatever you wanted. So I told her that from next year on, we’ll take a day off on her birthday. She’s ok with it and also the fact that we’re going to get her early from school. Another M story, the other day, at dinner, I was just booing about the fact that she’s growing up so fast. She’ll be four (she said five next year and going to school) and how grown up she is bla bla and she stopped me and said, “Mommy, I’ll be growing up and getting big, but I will always be your baby girl.” Ahhh… my little angel. I love her!

Back to the tut… last tutorial I showed you how to create a watermark/signature using the Photoshop brush option. But, I didn’t really show you how to save it and if you did, you might have did it on accident and now you’re not sure where you saved it (I’ve done this) since you had so many other brushes opened. Here’s the video on how to save your brush and also a little tip on using the Alt-Click to delete your brush from your brush palette. If you have a few favorite brushes, ones you use a lot, it might not be a bad idea to compile your favorites into a “favorite” brush set.

My husbandThen here’s a LO I want to share. This was done using Manu’s kit. I love her stuff btw and it’s not because I’m her guest designer. She does great work and when you print your LO, her stuff looks really nice, really. She has a few new items. I want to get {::SMILES}

This LO… well, you know husbands… sometimes they’re great to work with and sometimes they’re just so against you when it comes to posing and taking pictures. Well, on this day, he was extremely agreeable and I got some good shots (I got shots of him and his aunt Dyana and also Shady — see previous LO — that day). Of all the series I love these two pictures the best because of two things… I love his smile and this is how he usually smiles and this is the look that he usually gets when he is listening to me.

This is what I have to share today. Hope you enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Tut: How to Save Your PS Brush

  1. Sweet story about your little birthday girl M, Savitri! They do just break your heart sometimes. I guess our DD’s both have the the same birthday! My daughter turned 14 on the 5th. They grow up so fast!

  2. Hi Savitri,

    I love your story about your daughter. I’m sorry that she isn’t feeling well on her birthday. I was lucky because I worked at a hospital and when my kids would get sick and I had to work, I would drop them off at the “sick child” day care. They are cared for like how I would care for them at home. They get to lay on a bed, monitored by a nurse, etc. It was a fabulous alternative.

    Well Happy Birthday to your daughter!! I’m sure she’s looking forward to her birthday party! Don’t worry, she has a long way to go before she turns 18. My daughter turn 17 next month and my son 18 in a few months.

    Your SBS2 sis,

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