Tut: Healing Brush in Photoshop and LOs

I did this the other day. Nothing major, just some photography editing tips in PS. I’m not sure if the healing brush is in Elements; I know that it’s PS7+. If not, you can use the stamp tool or clone tool and it does kind of the similar thing. I like using this tool because it removes the item I want to remove but it keeps the texture of the main object. So, I still need to pick (push the Alt/Option key) similar colors but you don’t have to be exact. I’m not good at really explaining this so I did a Google search and this guy, Tim Plummer, explains what I want to say really well. So hopefully, if you’ve been visiting this week, by the end of the video, you’d know how to whiten your teeth and remove zits, black-marks, and oh in my case, food crumbs {::SMILES}

In AweI did a few LO’s too. The first one, the “In Awe” LO was created using Manu’s kit. Isn’t the Livetime Moments lovely? This was a picture from our trip last September. We were in a town called Bad Margentheim. The first town that we actually stopped, had lunch, and did some sight seeing. I’m not sure if you can see but on M’s sunglasses you can see the reflection of the buildings and water fountain that I used for the background image.¬† I used some fancy filters, which I forgot to write, on M and I erased the classes portion¬† (there’s the actual image behind the filtered image). For the building picture. I actually just put that behind the background paper and reduced the paper opacity to 30 or so. There is also another duplicate of that background paper. That’s in the very bottom on my layer.¬† I didn’t do any fancy filtering to give the building that look. It’s all about the layering, baby {::SMILES}.

Baby ThumbsuckerThe second one, I used Dana Frantz’s kit. Yes! I also also a guest designer for her, yeah!! I used the Dreamery kit for this. For this LO I used the pen tool to extract M. Then I used a soft eraser that I adjusted more (I’ll show you that this week, hopefully) and erased. Makes her look softer on the edges, yes? {::SMILES}. For the word Baby. Well, I duplicate the word after I was done. Made one black the other off white. I can’t remember which was on top but anyways, I selected the black mat (behind M’s picture) and so I had the walking ants going around it. Then I selected one of the “Baby” layers and erased. Photoshop is going to complain, saying you need to rasterize it. Say yes, and then it’ll let you erase. The only side effect after rasterizing is that you can’t edit the text. So make sure you’re happy with your text before you do this. The font… hmm… it’s got Four and Joe… it’s from scrapvillage.com. I did the photo corners. Want some?

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