Tut: Teeth Whitening in Photoshop and a Card

Don’t tell my husband I used his photo for the video {::LOTS OF LAUGHS}. He’d probably hate me if he ever finds out, ha ha… I love doing this to him {::SMILES} M took this photo. Actually she took a series of photos. I’ll show you later. Quite good. He was making silly faces for her. The white background is actually the clouds. I had the aperture set to low, between 2.8 to 3-ish. I was experimenting.

This is just a really simple method. I know how vain we are and so here you go. Get all them photos, open them up in Elements or Photoshop, find that saturation tool and whiten your teeth. Bet your dentist would think you did an awesome job {::SMILES}

Winter LoveI also have a card. Hope you like. It’s really easy, used my Bug and the paper colors are pretty obvious. The stamp set is Sealed with a Kiss and I titled this card: Winter Love. It’s for my hubby. I’m not going to tell him about the video but my subconscious is telling me that he deserves this card after exposing him to the world the way I did.

Oh, the “Love” in the center of the red is clear embossed but you can’t see it really well in the picture. It looks better in real life. I also paper pierced around it. I used my SU paper cutter to make the hole for the ribbon. The ribbon’s double knotted.

Oh, last week I entered SCS Gina K’s team’s scrapbook challenge. I won some embellishments. Yeah! I’ll photograph them later when I have something to show, a card, with it. But in the package I got some ribbons, rain drop dots, and sparkle buttons. Quite a nice little package. My next post will be my first layout for Manu. She gave me access to a few items that she sells and I’m going to whip something, or two, for her.

3 thoughts on “Tut: Teeth Whitening in Photoshop and a Card

  1. LOL! I should do this to my husband! I have a bunch of weird looking pics of him! Love your tutorial. . .it really helps. . .I’m clueless with photo editing.

    Is there a way that I can make myself look skinnier! I’d love a tutorial on that! LOL!

    Your SBS2 sis,

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