Tut: Photoshop Extraction Using the Pen Tool


M in PeitingThere are many ways to extract an image in Photoshop. Depending on what the background image is you can either use the magic wand, the lasso tool, the quick mask mode, the pen tool, and in CS2 and above, the extract method. In today’s tutorial I want to show you how to extract an image using the pen tool. I was going to create one using the extract method but there is already a great video tutorial in Revver using this option. The author went into great details and if you’re new to extracting, I really recommend this video. I even learned from it! Plus, I also wanted to create a video that can be used for most Photoshop users and I think of all the methods, the pen tool is the most universal with great end results.

What is extracting? It’s basically selecting the image that you want and removing the rest. You then place the selected image into a new background or blend it together with other another image or set of images.

CherishHere’s an example. There’s the original picture of M and even though the picture is quite nice, I really don’t want to background. So I used Photoshop to help me extract her picture out of the background. That image that I extracted is then placed into a new page that I was working on and the final result then look like this digital layout on the right. Obviously I went a bit extract happy on this layout.

Which method did I use? I used both methods just because and for this particular image (the original on the top left there) I used the eraser tool to erase the edges to blend it in with the background paper.

Go ahead and play around with this method. Be more detailed that I was on the video and without doing a whole lot of editing (I always use the brush/eraser tool and go over my extracted image to soften it up — another tutorial), you’ll get a nice extraction. But, if it’s still a bit rough here and there, use one or two, or more, of your elements and cover those places out {::SMILES}

5 thoughts on “Tut: Photoshop Extraction Using the Pen Tool

  1. Wow, this is amazing. I can’t wait to buy a program to try things like this! Such a lovely job.

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  2. You really are TOO brilliant! This is awesome. I may get brave one day and try it out. Thanks for sharing your techno-wisdom. :0) Mel

  3. May I add a tip to your extraction? If you click and hold the mouse down, you will get it a curve, and you won’t have to click as much.

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