Nice Off Day and a LO

After the RainIt’s nice to be off again. I love long weekends! Part of Sunday and today was spent in the city. Yesterday I was out with a very good friend of mine and the kids (her baby and my “brat”). We had plans on going to Hobby Lobby but she realized that HB isn’t open on Sundays so we just did some other shopping, hung out and had lunch. It was fun as usual and even the kids were pretty good. M loved the new toys she got. Spoiled rotten! {::SMILES}

I finished this layout today. This LO was something that I started months ago. It was one of those: got the solid cardstock, found the perfect paper, cut the pictures up, got two photos mounted, and that’s it. They were comfortably sitting in my “to-do” pile, all nice and organized, all ready to go, but very much collecting dust. Right pageI think I never got to actually putting it together because I didn’t have the perfect embellishments and just have any idea on how to lay the photos out. But today, after digging through my stuff, I found a few items that would fit and here is my two-page LO. There are more photos, two more, in my Flickr account. They’re just more close-up photos of the layout. I uploaded my LO so SCS and the description and credits are as followed:

I finally used the dragonfly and butterfly that I bought at a warehouse sale two years ago. They’re K&C Co. The newer items are the Prima and the Paper Studio silk flowers, EK Success embroidered sticker, and 7Gypsies Grow sticker. I am also using my foam pads and acrylic paint again after it’s been sitting there for at least 18 months. I’m glad the paint’s not dry 😀

DetailsBack to work tomorrow. Another busy week. I have a training session, Office 2007, tomorrow, my Second Life to get back to, and oh, Friday, the people I’m helping with (I am their web developer) is taking me to lunch, whoohoo. I had a horrible work week last week. Every evening I felt like my head was about to explode. My daughter thinks that I just play games and watch movies at work, but it’s not like that. But, I’ve decided that what I did last week was a waste of my time and this week I’m going to focus on building and help my colleagues finish up the SL island so that it’s ready for the faculty members to use.

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